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Version 3.2d5 (and 3.2d4) –– Important: change of default use of hardware mute

latest releases: 3.3.9, 4.1-dev, 4.0-dev...
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Version 3.2d5

Bug Fixes??

  • Using infer, a number of silent issues have been detected, such as not checking some calls to malloc to ensure the response is not NULL. Most of these have been addressed by additional checks.

Version 3.2d4

Change of Default

  • The default value for the alsa setting mute_using_playback_switch has been changed to "no" for compatability with other audio players on the same machine. The reason is that when this setting is set to "yes", the output device will be muted when Shairport Sync releases it. Unfortunately, other audio players using the output device expect it to be unmuted, causing problems. Thanks to Tim Curtis at Moode Audio and Peter Pablo for clarifying the issue.

Important Note

  • When you update to the from a previous version of Shairport Sync, your output device may have been left in a muted state. You should use a command line tool like alsamixer to unmute the output device before further use.

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