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Version 3.2d29 – DBus and MPRIS interfaces, Enhancements and Bug Fixes

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pre-release4 years ago

Advanced New Features

  • A bare-bones "native" D-Bus interface for Shairport Sync permitting control of some diagnostic settings. To be expanded...
  • A partly implemented MPRIS control interface including play/pause/next/previous/volume and some metadata.
  • Remote control of an iTunes source including play/pause/next/previous/volume.
  • Remote control of an AirPlay source including play/pause/next/previous.
  • Barebones support added for OpenBSD compilation.
  • A new general option volume_control_profile, for advanced use only, with two options: "standard" which uses the standard volume control profile -- this has a higher transfer profile at low volumes and a lower transfer profile at high volumes -- or "flat" which uses a uniform transfer profile to linearly scale the output mixer's dB according to the AirPlay volume.


  • CAR INSTALL and OPENBSD notes added.
  • Only ask for missing packets to be resent once, and if any error occurs making the request, stop for 10 seconds.
  • Include the -pthread flag -- including the pthread library with -lpthread isn't always enough.
  • Improvements in the documentation relating to scripts -- thanks to Niklas Janz.
  • Add optional timing annotations to debug messages -- see the new settings in the diagnostic stanza of the configuration file.
  • Better handling of missing timing packets.
  • Improved resnchronisation logic should improve performance with slow-to-download YouTube videos.
  • Shairport Sync will now log an unexpectedy dropped or faulty RTSP connection. This might be useful on noisy networks.
  • Some DACs have a feature that the lowest permissible "attenuation" value that the built-in hardware mixer can be set to is not an attenuation value at all – it is in fact a command to mute the output completely. Shairport Sync has always checked for this feature, basically in order to ignore it when getting the true range of attenuation values offered by the mixer.
    However, with this enhancement, Shairport Sync can actually use this feature to mute the output where appropriate.

Bug Fixes

  • Ensure the TEARDOWN of a play session is not delayed by a long sleep timer.
  • Allow more than one ANNOUNCE packet for the same play session. Honour the settings in the most recent one.
  • Move the creation and calling of a player thread from the SETUP handler to the RECORD handler.
  • When closing an ALSA sound device, don't wait for any remaining audio to be output with snd_pcm_drain; instead, just drop all remaining frame using snd_pcm_drop.
  • TEARDOWN should complete in less than 50 ms.

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