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Version 3.2d10 – Continuing D-Bus Experimentation

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pre-release4 years ago

Continuing the experiments with D-Bus support, Shairport Sync can now be compiled to have a D-Bus presence on the D-Bus system bus. It presents a small number of properties and can execute a method call which sends a command string to the audio source's DACP port. As before, please note that the implementation is likely to change greatly or be removed at any time.


  • The metdata output stream can include a dapo message carrying the DACP port number to be used when communicating with the DACP remote control. This port number is actually pretty hard to find and requires the use of asynchronous mdns operations. You must be using the Avahi mdns back end.

Bug Fix

  • A bug in the hardware volume control affects output devices that have hardware mixers but that do not allow the volume to be set in dB. One example is the Softvol plugin in ALSA. Shairport Sync fails silently when presented with such a device when hardware volume control is enabled: the volume events have no effect. The bug has been fixed by adding two missing lines of code to the init() function in audio_alsa.c. Thanks to Jakub Nabaglo for finding and fixing the bug.

Other Stuff

  • Changed the debug verbosity level of some debug messages.

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