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Version 3.1d16 – Synchronised PulseAudio and FreeBSD support

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pre-release5 years ago

Big News: Synchronised Support for PulseAudio and FreeBSD/OpenBSD

Fully synchronised support has been added for PulseAudio and for FreeBSD/OpenBSD.

A new PulseAudio back end, called pa, supports fully synchronised audio on PulseAudio-based sound systems. (Most recent desktop Linux distributions use PulseAudio as the basis for their audio architecture.)

The greatly-enhanced sndio back end supports fully synchronised audio on FreeBSD / OpenBSD systems using their native sndio audio system. Thanks to the work of t6.

Both of these are somewhat incomplete – they don't have support for different resolutions or speeds yet, and they don't support native volume control. But both are big improvement on what went before, and your feedback is welcome.

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