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V2.9.5.7 – Bug fixes and enhancements

latest releases: 3.3.9, 4.1-dev, 4.0-dev...
pre-release6 years ago

Version contains general bug fixes and enhancements for some special situations.

Bug Fixes

  • Getting delay and latency information from the alsa subsystem has been improved -- bugs fixed, error codes handled better, arithmetic handling (hopefully) better.
  • If latency information is temporarily unavailable from the alsa subsystem, skip trying to synchronise until the next time.
  • Some condition variables and a mutex were uninitialised, yikes! Fixed.
  • A bug that set the output volume to maximum at the same time as muting the output has been fixed. AFAIK, this was inaudible, but it was scary looking.
  • Recover from name collisions in Avahi.
  • Detect and handle empty buffers better.


  • Turn off synchronisation. This is an advanced feature and generally leads to buffer underrun or overrun.
  • Set alsa buffer size and alsa period size. There are advanced features, mainly for debugging. They may be removed.
  • Change the Zeroconf/Bonjour regtype to enable Shairport Sync to continue to run but to be invisible to AirPlay clients. Special purpose usage only.
  • Output total number of packets and the play time of a session when statistics are enabled.

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