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V2.9.5.2 – Modify Delay Check Version

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pre-release6 years ago

This may be unstable, really.

This has a number of changes to how DAC delay information is handled and what happens if it isn't available on occasion. It corrects at least one error misinterpreting a return error code of -1 as 4,294,967,295.

It also tidies up and possibly corrects some arithmetic sign overflow type and type-promotion errors due to incomplete observance of the rule of type conversion and promotion in C.

A new alsa backend option to disable synchronisation is added: disable_synchronization = "yes" with a default of "no". This should be used with caution. Synchronisation is disabled, obviously, but also, sooner or later, the DAC will either overflow or underflow, giving audible glitches. They may happen only after a number of hours, however.

Some debug messages are tided up, some demoted to level 2 or 3, and some promoted to level 1.

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