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Pesky Changes You Cannot Ignore

  • This update means the build process now uses the directory path sysconfdir to determine where to place the configuration file shairport-sync.conf. The default value for sysconfdir is /usr/local/etc which is used in the BSD family, whereas /etc is normally used in Linux. So, to retain the present behaviour of Shairport Sync, you must add an extra parameter to the ./configure... command. The parameter you must add is --sysconfdir=/etc. (This has been added to the sample configuration command line in
  • Shairport Sync has been updated to use the value of sysconfdir to determine where to look for the configuration file. If sysconfdir has been left with its default value of /usr/local/etc, then Shairport Sync will look for /usr/local/etc/shairport-sync.conf. If, as recommended for Linux, sysconfdir has been set to /etc, then Shairport Sync will look, as before, for /etc/shairport-sync.conf.


  • The version string output when you use the command-line option -V now includes the value of the sysconfdir, e.g.

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