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V2.8 – Stable Version

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6 years ago

Version 2.8 is the next stable release after Version 2.6.

Version 2.8 is derived from Version 2.7.10 with slight documentation updates. Here is a summary of changes between the last stable version – 2.6 – and this version. For full details, refer to the release notes.

New Feature

  • For hardware mixers with a restricted range (including many cheaper USB DACS), the general volume_range_db can be used to specify a wider range than the hardware provides – the extra range is provided by software.


  • Volume-setting metadata is now sent even when the volume level is to be ignored by Shairport Sync itself.
  • Shairport Sync waits a little longer before asking for missing packets to be resent. Sometimes packets are just arriving slightly out of order and don't need to be asked for again.
  • The build scripts have been modified to be a little more compatible with standard practice.
  • The man manual and the html version of it are automagically rebuilt if xml2man and friends are available.
  • A Continuous Integration (CI) system – Travis CI – is now used to do some limited build checking (thanks guys!).
  • Support added for compiling on Cygwin.
  • Added rtptime tags to metadata and picture metadata.
  • Replaced and improved the dither algorithm used with the software volume control. The new dither code gives a two bit peak-to-peak dither based on a Triangular Probability Distribution Function (TPDF).
  • Disabled picture sending if pictures haven’t been asked for.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug that prevented Shairport Sync from correctly setting the hardware mixer volume if it had been altered externally.
  • Modified the shutdown behaviour so that a shutdown followed immediately by a play request is handled properly. This was causing iOS 9.2 sometimes to drop the Airplay link between tunes.
  • Fixed a data-alignment bug that would cause a crash in certain circumstances on ARM processors with metadata enabled.
  • Corrected the names for a few settings tags.
  • Fixed some typos and misspellings.
  • Miscellaneous small bug fixes.

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