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Version 2.7.7 – Development Version

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pre-release6 years ago


  • Add note about the Arch Linux Community repository package shairport-sync. Thanks to Anatol Pomozov.
  • Shairport Sync doesn't ask for packets to be resent quite so quickly -- it waits about half a second now before asking for missing packets to be resent.

Bug Fixes

  • Improved Shairport Sync's behaviour when it's asked to stop a play session and immediately start another. The signalling system used to stop threads was sometimes stopping threads belonging to the new session. This affected iOS 9.2 users going to the next track -- sometimes the player would become unavailable for an instant and disconnect the session. The problem still happens occasionally, but much less frequently.
  • Removed code favouring the use of "public" IPv6 addresses as source addresses when connecting to a distant IPv6 port – Neither OpenWrt nor FreeBSD can use it at present. Also, it's not clear if any problems are being caused by not favouring public IPv6 addresses.

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