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V2.7.3 – Unstable Development Version -- Dither Code

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pre-release6 years ago

Bug Fix
The dither code was broken in Shairport Sync and also less than ideal anyway. Fixed and improved, but it presents a slightly heavier processing load.

Dither is added whenever you use the software volume control at less than full volume. See for a very influential paper by Lipshitz, Wannamaker and Vanderkooy, 1992. The dither code in Shairport Sync was inherited from Shairport and does not conform to the recommendations in the paper -- specifically the implementation would give one bit of dither where the paper recommends two bits peak-to-peak. The other thing is that the inherited dither code was actually broken in Shairport Sync. So, the new dither code gives a two bit peak-to-peak dither based on a Triangular Probability Distributing Function (TPDF). It sounds like a very low-level white noise, unmodulated by the audio material. It would be nice if it was even lower, but it's better than listening to the artifacts present when dithering is disabled.

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