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V2.6 -- Stable Version

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6 years ago

This is basically version 2.4.2 with two small fixes. It's been bumped to 2.6 because (1) the new features added between 2.4.1 and 2.4.2 deserve more than just a bug-fix increment and (2) the development versions (2.5.x) should have lower numbers than the release versions, so that releases are always seen as upgrades. For example: --> 2.6 looks like an upgrade, whereas --> 2.4.2 looks like a downgrade.


  • For systemd users, the shairport-sync.service file is updated to point to the correct location of the shairport-sync application.
  • For Fedora users, the shairport-sync.spec file is updated to refer to 2.6.

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