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Version 2.4 – New Stable Release

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6 years ago

Version 2.4

Stable release

This stable release is the culmination of the 2.3.X sequence of development releases.

Change Summary

Changes from the previous stable version -- 2.2.5 -- are summarised here:

  • Settings are now read from a configuration file. Command-line settings are supported but discouraged.
  • Metadata is now supported -- it can be delivered to a unix pipe for processing by a helper application. See for a sample metadata reader.
  • Raw PCM audio can be delivered to standard output ("stdout") or to a unix pipe. The internal architecture has changed considerably to support this.
  • Support for compilation on OpenWrt back to Attitude Adjustment.
  • Support for unencrypted audio streams -- compatible with, e.g. Whaale.
  • Uses the libconfig library.
  • Runs on a wider range of platforms, including Arch Linux and Fedora.
  • Bug fixes.

Please note that building instructions have changed slightly from the previous version.
Also, the -t hardware/software option has been deprecated in the alsa back end.

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