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Version 2.3.8 – Development

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6 years ago

Version 2.3.8

  • Annoying changes you must make
    • You probably need to change your ./configure arguments. The flag with-initscript has changed to with-systemv. It was previously enabled by default; now you must enable it explicitly.
  • Changes
    • Added limited support for installing into systemd and Fedora systems. For systemd support, use the configuration flag --with-systemd in place of --with-systemv. The installation does not do everything needed, such as defining special users and groups.
    • Renamed with-initscript configuration flag to with-systemv to describe its role more accurately.
    • A System V startup script is no longer installed by default; if you want it, ask for it with the --with-systemv configuration flag.
    • Added limited support for FreeBSD. You must specify LDFLAGS='-I/usr/local/lib' and CPPFLAGS='-L/usr/local/include' before running ./configure --with-foo etc.
    • Removed the -configfile annotation from the version string because it's no longer optional; it's always there.
    • Removed the dummy, pipe and stdout backends from the standard build – they are now optional and are no longer automatically included in the build.
  • Bug fixes

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