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Version 2.3.5 – Development: Unencrypted Audio, Metadata Changes & Improvements

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6 years ago
  • Changes
    • The metadata item 'sndr' is no longer sent in metadata. It's been replaced by 'snam' and 'snua' -- see below.
  • Enhancements
    • When a play session is initiated by a source, it attempts to reserve the player by sending an "ANNOUNCE" packet. Typically, a source device name and/or a source "user agent" is sent as part of the packet. The "user agent" is usually the name of the sending application along with some more information. If metadata is enabled, the source name, if provided, is emitted as a metadata item with the type ssnc and code snam and similarly the user agent, if provided, is sent with the type ssnc and code snua.
    • Two default buffer lengths for ALSA -- default 6615 frames if a software volume control is used, to minimise the response time to pause and volume control changes; default 22050 frames if a hardware volume control is used, to give more resilience to timing problems, sudden processor loading, etc. This is especially useful if you are processing metadata and artwork on the same machine.
    • Extra metadata: when a play session starts, the "Active-Remote" and "DACP-ID" fields -- information that can be used to identify the source -- are provided as metadata, with the type ssnc and the codes acre and daid respectively. The IDs are provided as strings.
    • Unencrypted audio data. The iOS player "Whaale" attempts to send unencrypted audio, presumably to save processing effort; if unsuccessful, it will send encrypted audio as normal. Shairport Sync now recognises and handles unencrypted audio data. (Apparently it always advertised that it could process unencrypted audio!)
    • Handle retransmitted audio in the control channel. When a packet of audio is missed, Shairport Sync will ask for it to be retransmitted. Normally the retransmitted audio comes back the audio channel, but "Whaale" sends it back in the control channel. (I think this is a bug in "Whaale".) Shairport Sync will now correctly handle retransmitted audio packets coming back in the control channel.
  • Bugfixes
    • Generate properly-formed <item>..</item> items of information.

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