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Version 2.3.12 – Development. Stronger interpolation, more…

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6 years ago


  • We're getting ready to release the development branch as the new, stable, master branch at 2.4. If you're packaging Shairport Sync, you might prefer to wait a short while as we add a little polish before the release.


  • update-rc.d has been removed from the installation script for System V because it causes problems for package makers. It's now noted in the user installation instructions.
  • The alsa group mixer_type setting is deprecated and you should stop using it. Its functionality has been subsumed into mixer_name – when you specify a mixer_name it automatically chooses the hardware mixer type.


  • Larger range of interpolation. Shairport Sync has previously constrained not to make interpolations ("corrections") of more than about 1 per 1000 real frames. This contraint has been relaxed, and it is now able to make corrections of up to 1 in 352 real frames. This might result in a faster and undesirably sudden correction early during a play session, so a number of further changes have been made. The full set of these changes is as follows:
    • No corrections happen for the first five seconds.
    • Corrections of up to about 1 in 1000 for the next 25 seconds.
    • Corrections of up to 1 in 352 thereafter.

Documentation Update

  • Nearly there with updates concerning the configuration file.

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