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Version 2.3.0 – The initscript is optional; metadata feed added; bug fixes

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7 years ago


This is a release in the development (i.e. unstable) branch. For the stable version, follow the 2.2 branch and the 2.2.x releases.


  • Adding the System V startup script (the "initscript") is now a configuration option. The default is to include it, so if you want to omit the installation of the initscript, add the configuration option --without-initscript.
  • Metadata support is now a compile-time option: --with-metadata.
  • A metadata feed has been added. Use the option -M <pipe-directory>, e.g. -M /tmp. Shairport Sync will provide metadata in a pipe called <pipe-directory>/shairport-sync-metadata. There's a sample metadata reader at The format of the metadata is a mixture of XML-style tags, 4-character codes and base64 data. Please look at rtsp.c and player.c for examples. Please note that the format of the metadata may change.
    Beware: there appears to be a serious bug in iTunes, such that it may stall for a long period when sending large (more than a few hundred kilobytes) coverart images.


  • Fix a bug when compiling for Arch Linux on Raspberry Pi 2 (thanks to
  • Fix a bug whereby if the ANNOUNCE and/or SETUP method fails, the play_lock mutex is never unlocked, thus blocking other clients from connecting. This can affect all types of users, but particularly Pulseaudio users. (Thanks to
  • Modify the init script to start after all services are ready. Add in a commented-out sleep command if users find it necessary (thanks to
  • Two memory leaks fixed (thanks to
  • An error handling time specifications for flushes was causing an audible glitch when pausing and resuming some tracks. This has been fixed (thanks to

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