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Version 2.2.1 – password option, new "tolerance" option, bug fix, more...

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7 years ago

Version 2.2.1


  • If certain kinds of malformed RTSP packets were received, Shairport Sync would stop streaming. Now, it generally ignores faulty RTSP packets.
  • The --with-pulseaudio compile option wasn't including a required library. This is fixed. Note that the PulseAudio back end doesn't work properly and is just included in the application because it was there in the original shairport. Play with it for experimentation only.
  • Fix typo in init.d script: "Headphones" -> "Headphone".

Extra documentation

  • A brief note on how to compile libsoxr from source is included for the Raspberry Pi.

Version 2.2


  • New password option: --password=SECRET
  • New tolerance option: --tolerance=FRAMES. Use this option to specify the largest synchronisation error to allow before making corrections. The default is 88 frames, i.e. 2 milliseconds. The default tolerance is fine for streaming over wired ethernet; however, if some of the stream's path is via WiFi, or if the source is a third-party product, it may lead to much overcorrection -- i.e. the difference between "corrections" and "net correction" in the --statistics option. Increasing the tolerence may reduce the amount of overcorrection.

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