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one month ago


  • Enumeration values now drop reduntant parts of their prefix (Pádraig Ó Cinnéide)


  • It is no longer necessary to import both SwiftGodot and
    SwiftGodotMacros when consuming the library, nor any need for custom
    dependency incarnations in your Package.swift file, it just now
    works out of the box, and also works with both Xcode and SwiftPM (Mikhail Tishin)


  • More progress towards windows support, but we do not support Macros,
    and currently you must copy all the Swift runtime libraries to the
    bin directory yourself (Mikhail Tishin)

  • Do not expose internal symbols, reducing the public surface API, and
    making it possible for Windows to compile the result (Miguel)

Bug fixes:

  • Couple of crashes were fixed (Mikhail Tishin, Miguel)

Documentation on GitHub:

  • The documentation site is now surfaced in a GitHub friendly way
    (Dave Verwer)


  • Fixed every single compilation warning that had creeped up into the
    codebase because we were running with warnings turned off. And many
    of those pointed to real problems (Miguel)

  • Documentation touchups (Joseph Heck)

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