github migueldeicaza/SwiftGodot 0.24

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24 days ago
  • Test suite powered by libGodot (Mikhail Tishin, Pádraig Ó Cinnéide)

  • Major bug fix for virtual methods: all users are encouraged to
    upgrade, we were previously registering all virtual methods as
    implemented, but now only those that are actually implemented are
    registered - this fixes a reported bug, but in reality was masking
    many other bugs by Miguel de Icaza, and Padraig
    O Cinneide

  • lookupObject now returns an optional, to avoid a crash when setting
    an incorrect type in the editor (Airyzz)

  • Build fixes by Mikhail Tishin

  • Updated the API to 4.1.3 (Mikhail Tishin)

  • Windows can now use Macros if available (Matt)

  • Documentation updates by Estevan Hernandez, Miguel de Icaza,

  • Fixes a long-standing memory leak in framework objects and adds
    reference coutning in places it was not used before (Export macro)
    (Mikhail Tishin)

  • Improved the API for a few core types and fix generic parameters of
    mutable pointers in Variant init (Mikhail Tishin)

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