github migueldeicaza/SwiftGodot 0.22.0

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one month ago

Fixes to the generation of built-in structures - we were producing
fields that did not exist (Mikhail)

Add missing scaling operators for vectors (Mikhail)

Virtual methods are now invoked with the actual class they represent,
not their base class - this surfaced in the 'event' argument to
Node._input which would be a general purpose InputEvent, and not the
most precise event (Miguel)

Drops the unsafe linkerSettings - this does not seem used anymore, it
is an artifact of bygone times, and should simplify the adoption of
SwiftGodot (Padraig)

The shared property on singletons is now surfaced, so you can access
base class features (in particular uses of ProjectSettings might want
to access properties from Object) - Miguel, Padraig

CharacterBody2D.moveAndSlide now has a discardableReturns.

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