github microsoft/vstest v16.9.0-preview-20201020-06

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Issue Fixed

  • Enable Fakes Datacollector settings to be added in design mode #2586
  • Fix blame parameter, warning, and add all testhosts to be ngend #2579
  • Add netcoreapp1.0 support to Microsoft.TestPlatform.TestHost NuGet #2569
  • Use bitness from process or OS #2571
  • Restore netcoreapp1.0 support for testhost #2554
  • Get symbols of DiaSymReader from externals #2560
  • Do not force .NET4.5 in case legacy test settings are provided #2545
  • Simplify package references #2559
  • Enable default compile items for Microsoft.TestPlatform.PlatformAbstractions #2556
  • Avoid logging >Task returned false but did not log an error.< #2557
  • Fixed code coverage compatibility issue #2527
  • Add environment variables to enable MacOS dump
  • Adding test run attachments processing #2463

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