github microsoft/vscode-python 2021.7.1050252941

2021.7.0 (20 July 2021)


  1. Support starting a TensorBoard session with a remote URL hosting log files.
  2. Sort environments in the selection quickpick by assumed usefulness.


  1. Add link to docs page on how to install the Python extension to README. (thanks KamalSinghKhanna)
  2. Make test explorer only show file/folder names on nodes.
    (thanks bobwalker99)
  3. Ensure we dispose restart command registration before we create a new instance of Jedi LS.
  4. Ensure shellIdentificationSource is set correctly. (thanks intrigus-lgtm)
  5. Clear Notebook Cell diagnostics when deleting a cell or closing a notebook.
  6. The poetryPath setting will correctly apply system variable substitutions. (thanks Anthony Shaw)
  7. The Jupyter Notebook extension will install any missing dependencies using Poetry or Pipenv if those are the selected environments. (thanks Anthony Shaw)
  8. Ensure we block on autoselection when no interpreter is explictly set by user.
latest releases: 2021.7.1060902895, 2021.7.1053846006
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