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2021.5.0 (10 May 2021)


  1. In an integrated TensorBoard session, if the jump to source request is for a file that does not exist on disk, allow the user to manually specify the file using the system file picker.
  2. Allow running tests for all files within directories from test explorer.
    (thanks Vladimir Kotikov)
  3. Reveal selection in editor after jump to source command. (thanks Wenlu Wang)
  4. Add support for debugger code reloading.
  5. Add Python: Refresh TensorBoard command, keybinding and editor title button to reload TensorBoard (equivalent to browser refresh).
  6. Automatically indent following match and case statements. (thanks Marc Mueller)
  7. Bundle Pylance with the extension as an optional dependency.
  8. Add a "Default" language server option, which dynamically chooses which language server to use.


  1. Stop unittest.TestCase appearing as a test suite in the test explorer tree.
    (thanks Bob).
  2. Support ~ in WORKON_HOME and venvPath setting when in discovery experiment.
  3. Fix TensorBoard integration in Remote-SSH by auto-configuring port forwards.
  4. Ensure venvPath and venvFolders setting can only be set at User or Remote settings.
  5. Added compatability with pypy3.7 interpreter.
    (thanks Oliver Margetts)
  6. Revert linter installation prompt removal.
  7. Ensure that dataclasses is installed when using Jedi LSP.

Code Health

  1. Log the failures when checking whether certain modules are installed or getting their version information.
  2. Better logging (telemetry) when installation of Python packages fail.
  3. Ensure npm package canvas is setup as an optional dependency.
  4. Add ability for Jupyter extension to pass addtional installer arguments.
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