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2021.4.0 (19 April 2021)


  1. Add new command to report an Issue using the vscode-python template.
  2. Highlight .pypirc, .pep8, and .pylintrc as ini-files. (thanks Jan Pilzer)
  3. Added python.linting.cwd to change the working directory of the linters. (thanks Matthew Shirley)
  4. Remove prompt to install a linter when none are available.
  5. Add jump to source integration with the PyTorch profiler TensorBoard plugin during TensorBoard sessions.
  6. Drop prompt being displayed on first extension launch with a tip or a survey.
  7. Use the updated logic for normalizing code sent to REPL as the default behavior.
  8. Open TensorBoard webview panel in the active viewgroup on the first launch or the last viewgroup that it was moved to.
  9. Support discovering Poetry virtual environments when in discovery experiment.
  10. Install dev tools using Poetry when the poetry environment related to current folder is selected when in discovery experiment.
  11. Add a refresh icon next to interpreter list.
  12. Added command Python: Clear internal extension cache to clear extension related cache.


  1. Fix python.poetryPath setting for installer on Windows.
  2. Prevent mypy errors for other files showing in current file.
    (thanks Steve Dignam)
  3. Update pytest results when debugging. (thanks djplt)
  4. Ensure release level is set when using new environment discovery component.
  5. Ensure right environment is activated in the terminal when installing Python packages.
  6. Update nosetest results when debugging. (thanks djplt)
  7. Ensure any stray jedi process is terminated on language server dispose.
  8. Fix README image indent for VSCode extension page. (thanks Johnson)
  9. Run conda update and not conda install when installing a compatible version of the tensorboard package.
  10. Temporarily fix support for folders in interpreter path setting.
  11. In jedi.api.names has been deprecated, switch to new syntax.
    (thanks moselhy).
  12. Fixes activation of prefixed conda environments.

Code Health

  1. Deprecating on-type line formatter since it isn't used in newer Language servers.
  2. Removing old way of feature deprecation where we showed notification for each feature we deprecated.
  3. Remove unused code from extension.
  4. Add telemetry for identifying torch.profiler users.
  5. Update notebook code to not use deprecated .cells function on NotebookDocument.
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