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2021.3.0 (16 March 2021)


  1. Activate the extension when the following files are found: Pipfile,, requirements.txt,,
    (thanks Dhaval Soneji)
  2. Add optional user-level python.tensorBoard.logDirectory setting. When starting a TensorBoard session, use this setting if it is present instead of prompting the user to select a log directory.


  1. Fix nosetests to run tests only once. (thanks djplt)
  2. Make on-enter behaviour after raise much more like that of return, fixing
    handling in the case of pressing enter to wrap the parentheses of an exception
    (thanks PeterJCLaw)
  3. Add configuration debugpyPath. (thanks djplt)
  4. Fix Mypy linter pointing to wrong column number (off by one).
    (thanks anttipessa, haalto, JeonCD and junskU)
  5. Show each install only once on Mac when in discovery experiment.
  6. All relative interpreter path reported start with ~ when in discovery experiment.
  7. Remove FLASK_DEBUG from flask debug configuration to allow reload.
  8. Install using pipenv only if the selected environment is pipenv which is related to workspace folder, when in discovery experiment.
  9. Fixes issue with detecting new installations of Windows Store python.
  10. Add cached-property package to bundled python packages. This is needed by jedi-language-server running on python 3.6 and python 3.7.
  11. Remove limit on workspace symbols when using Jedi language server.
  12. Use shorter paths for python interpreter when possible.
  13. Ensure that jedi language server uses jedi shipped with the extension.
  14. Updates to Proposed API, and fix the failure in VS Code Insider tests.

Code Health

  1. Add support for "Trusted Workspaces".

    "Trusted Workspaces" is an upcoming feature in VS Code. (See: For now you need
    the following for the experience:

    • the latest VS Code Insiders
    • add "workspace.trustEnabled": true to your user settings.json

    At that point, when the Python extension would normally activate, VS Code
    will prompt you about whether or not the current workspace is trusted.
    If not then the extension will be disabled (but only for that workspace).
    As soon as the workspace is marked as trusted, the extension will

  2. Updates to the VSCode Notebook API.

  3. Fix failing smoke tests on CI.

  4. Update VS Code engine to 1.54.0

  5. Use onReady method available on language client to ensure language server is ready.

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