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2020.9.0 (23 September 2020)


  1. Docstrings are added to class and def snippets (thanks alannt777).
  2. Upgraded isort to 5.3.2.
  3. Remove default "--no-reload" from debug configurations.
    (thanks ian910297)
  4. Update API to expose events for cell excecution and kernel restart.
  5. Show a general warning prompt pointing to the upgrade guide when users attempt to run isort5 using deprecated settings.
  6. Upgrade isort to 5.5.2.
  7. Enable custom editor support in stable VS code at 20%.
  8. Upgraded to isort 5.5.3.


  1. Fixed the output being trimmed. Tables that start with empty space will now display correctly.
  2. #11729
    Prevent test discovery from picking up stdout from low level file descriptors.
    (thanks Ryo Miyajima)
  3. Fix opening new blank notebooks when using the VS code custom editor API.
  4. Support starting kernels with the same directory as the notebook.
  5. Fixed Sort imports command with setuptools version 49.2.
  6. Do not fail interpreter discovery if accessing Windows registry fails.
  7. Show error output from nbconvert when exporting a notebook fails.
  8. Prevent daemon from trying to prewarm an execution service.
  9. Respect stop on error setting for executing cells in native notebook.
  10. Native notebook launch doesn't hang if the kernel does not start, and notifies the user of the failure. Also does not show the first cell as executing until the kernel is actually started and connected.
  11. Fix path to isolated script on Windows shell_exec.
  12. Updating other cells with display.update does not work in native notebooks.
  13. Fix for notebook using the first kernel every time. It will now use the language in the notebook to determine the most appropriate kernel.
  14. Shift+enter should execute current cell and select the next cell.
  15. Fixes typo in export command registration.
    (thanks Anton Kosyakov)
  16. Fix the behavior of the 'python.showStartPage' setting.
  17. Correctly install ipykernel when launching from an interpreter.
  18. Backup on custom editors is being ignored.

Code Health

  1. Fix bandit issues in vscode_datascience_helpers.
  2. Cast type to any to get around issues with ts-node (ts-node is used by nyc for code coverage).
  3. Drop support for Python 3.5 (it reaches end-of-life on September 13, 2020 and isort 5 does not support it).
  4. Fix nightly flake test issue with timeout waiting for kernel.
  5. Disable sorting tests for Python 2.7 as isort5 is not compatible with Python 2.7.
  6. Fix nightly flake test current directory failing test.
  7. Rename the master branch to main.
  8. Remove usage of the terms "blacklist" and "whitelist".
  9. Fix a test failure and warning when running test adapter tests under pytest 5.
  10. Remove unused imports from data science ipython test files.
  11. Fix nighly failure with beakerx.
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