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2020.8.101144 (12 August 2020)


  1. Cell id and cell metadata are now passed as the metadata field for execute_request messages.
    (thanks stisa)
  2. Add "Restart Language Server" command.
  3. Support multiple and per file interactive windows. See the description for the new 'python.dataScience.interactiveWindowMode' setting.
  4. Add cell editing shortcuts for python interactive cells. (thanks @earthastronaut).
  5. Allow python.dataScience.runStartupCommands to be an array. (thanks @janosh).
  6. Remember remote kernel ids when reopening notebooks.
  7. The file explorer dialog now has an appropriate title when browsing for an interpreter. (thanks ziebam).
  8. Warn users if they are connecting over http without a token.
  9. Allow a custom display string for remote servers as part of the remote Jupyter server provider extensibility point.
  10. Update to the latest version of jedi (0.17.2). This adds support for Python 3.9 and fixes some bugs, but is expected to be the last release to support Python 2.7 and 3.5. (thanks Peter Law).
  11. Expose Pylance setting in python.languageServer. If Pylance extension is not installed, prompt user to install it.
  12. Added "pythonArgs" to debugpy launch.json schema.
  13. Use jupyter inspect to get signature of dynamic functions in notebook editor when language server doesn't provide enough hint.
  14. The gather icon will change and get disabled while gather is executing.


  1. Gathered notebooks will now use the same kernelspec as the notebook it was created from.
  2. Don't loop selection through all failed tests every time tests are run.
  3. Some tools (like pytest) rely on the existence of sys.path[0], so
    deleting it in the isolation script can sometimes cause problems. The
    solution is to point sys.path[0] to a bogus directory that we know
    does not exist (assuming noone modifies the extension install dir).
  4. Fix missing css for some ipywidget output.
  5. Delete backing untitled ipynb notebook files as soon as the remote session has been created.
  6. Make the data science variable explorer support high contrast color theme.
  7. The change in PR #12795 led to one particular test suite to take longer
    to run. Here we increase the timeout for that suite to get the test
  8. Refactor data science filesystem usage to correctly handle files which are potentially remote.
  9. Allow custom Jupyter server URI providers to have an expiration on their authorization headers.
  10. If a webpanel fails to load, dispose our webviewhost so that it can try again.
  11. Ensure terminal is not shown or activated if hideFromUser is set to true.
  12. Do not automatically start kernel for untrusted notebooks.
  13. Fix settings links to open correctly in the notebook editor.
  14. "a" and "b" Jupyter shortcuts should not automatically enter edit mode.
  15. Scope custom notebook keybindings to Jupyter Notebooks.
  16. Rename "Count" column in variable explorer to "Size".
  17. Handle Save As of preview Notebooks.

Code Health

  1. Move non-mock jupyter nightly tests to use raw kernel by default.
  2. Add new services to data science IOC container and rename misspelled service.
  3. Disable Notebook icons when Notebook is not trusted.
  4. Removed control tower code for the start page.
  5. Add better tests for trusted notebooks in the classic notebook editor.
  6. Custom renderers for png/jpeg images in Notebooks.
  7. Fix broken nightly variable explorer tests.
  8. Fix nightly flake test failures for startup and shutdown native editor test.
  9. Fix failing interactive window and variable explorer tests.


Thanks to the following projects which we fully rely on to provide some of
our features:

Also thanks to the various projects we provide integrations with which help
make this extension useful:

And finally thanks to the Python development team and
community for creating a fantastic programming language and community to be a
part of!

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