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2020.7.0 (16 July 2020)


  1. Support connecting to Jupyter hub servers. Use either the base url of the server (i.e. '') or your user folder (i.e. '
    Works with password authentication.
  2. Added "argsExpansion" to debugpy launch.json schema.
  3. The extension will now automatically load if a pyproject.toml file is present in the workspace root directory.
    (thanks Brandon White)
  4. Add ability to check and update whether a notebook is trusted.
  5. Support formatting of Notebook Cells when using the VS Code Insiders API for Notebooks.
  6. Added exporting notebooks to HTML.
  7. Change stock launch.json "attach" config to use "connect".
  8. Update to the latest version of jedi (0.17.1). This brings completions for Django (via django-stubs) as well as support for Python 3.9 and various bugfixes (mostly around generic type annotations). (thanks Peter Law)
  9. Prompt users that we have deleted pythonPath from their workspace settings when in Deprecate PythonPath experiment.
  10. Changed public API for execution to return an object and provide a callback which is called when interpreter setting changes.
  11. Allow users to opt out of us checking whether their notebooks can be trusted. This setting is turned off by default and must be manually enabled.
  12. Include the JUPYTER_PATH environment variable when searching the disk for kernels.
  13. Added exporting to python, HTML and PDF from the interactive window.
  14. Show a prompt asking user to upgrade Code runner to new version to keep using it when in Deprecate PythonPath experiment.
  15. Opening notebooks in the preview Notebook editor for Visual Studio Code Insiders.


  1. Ensure we only have a single isort process running on a single file.
  2. Provided a method for external partners to participate in jupyter server URI picking/authentication.
  3. Check for hideFromUser before activating current terminal.
  4. In Markdown cells, turn HTML links to markdown links so that nteract renders them.
  5. Prevent incorrect ipywidget display (double plots) due to synchronization issues.
  6. Removed the Kernel Selection toolbar from the Interactive Window when using a local Jupyter Server.
    To show it again, set the setting 'Python > Data Science > Show Kernel Selection On Interactive Window'.
  7. Get Jupyter connections to work with a Windows store installed Python/Jupyter combination.
  8. Disable hover intellisense in the interactive window unless the code is expanded.
  9. Make layout of markdown editors much faster to open.
  10. Watermark in the interactive window can appear on top of entered text.
  11. Jupyter can fail to run a kernel if the user's environment contains non string values.
  12. On Mac meta+Z commands are performing both cell and editor undos.
  13. Paste can sometimes double paste into a notebook or interactive window editor.
  14. Fix jupyter connections going down when azure-storage or other extensions with node-fetch are installed.
  15. Variables should not flash when running by line.
  16. Discard changes on Notebooks when the user selects 'Don't Save' on the save changes dialog.
  17. Disable Extract variable & method commands in Notebook Cells.
  18. Disable linting in Notebook Cells.
  19. Register services before extension activates.
  20. Infinite loop of asking to reload the extension when enabling custom editor.
  21. Fix raw kernel autostart and remove jupyter execution from interactive base.
  22. If we fail to start a raw kernel daemon then fall back to using process execution.
  23. Fix the export button from the interactive window to export again.
  24. Process Jupyter messages synchronously when possible.
  25. Open variable explorer when opening variable explorer during debugging.
  26. Use the given interpreter for launching the non-daemon python
  27. Correct the color of the 'Collapse All' button in the Interactive Window

Code Health

  1. Move all logging to the Python output channel.
  2. Add a functional test that opens both the interactive window and a notebook at the same time.
  3. Added setting python.logging.level which carries the logging level value the extension will log at.
  4. Monkeypatch console.* calls to the logger only in CI.
  5. Replace python.dataScience.ptvsdDistPath with python.dataScience.debugpyDistPath.
  6. Rename ptvsd to debugpy in Telemetry.
  7. Update JSDoc annotations for many of the APIs (thanks Anthony Shaw)
  8. Refactor LinterId to an enum instead of a string union.
    (thanks to Anthony Shaw)
  9. Remove webserver used to host contents in WebViews.
  10. Inline interface due to issues with custom types when using ts-node.
  11. Fix linux nightly tests so they run and report results. Also seems to get rid of stream destroyed messages for raw kernel.
  12. Log ExP experiments the user belongs to in the output panel.
  13. Add more telemetry for "Select Interpreter" command.
  14. Add tests for trusted notebooks.
  15. Update categories in package.json.


Thanks to the following projects which we fully rely on to provide some of
our features:

Also thanks to the various projects we provide integrations with which help
make this extension useful:

And finally thanks to the Python development team and
community for creating a fantastic programming language and community to be a
part of!

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