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2020.6.0 (16 June 2020)


  1. Removed python.jediEnabled setting in favor of python.languageServer. Instead of "python.jediEnabled": true please use "python.languageServer": "Jedi".
  2. Added a start page for the extension. It opens to new users or when there is a new release. It can be disabled with the setting 'Python: Show Start Page'.
  3. Preliminary support using other languages for the kernel.
  4. Enable the use of the custom editor for native notebooks.


  1. Ensure sorting imports in a modified file picks up the proper configuration.
    thanks Peter Law)
  2. Made variable explorer (from IPython Notebook interface) resizable.
  3. Add junit family to pytest runner args to remove pytest warning.
  4. Switch order of restart and cancel buttons in interactive window to be consistent with ordering in notebook toolbar.
  5. Support opening other URI schemes besides 'file' and 'vsls'.
  6. Fix issue with formatting when the first line is blank.
  7. Force interactive window to always scroll long output. Don't allow scrollbars within scrollbars.
  8. Hover on notebooks or interactive window seems to stutter.
  9. Make shift+tab work again in the interactive window. Escaping focus from the prompt is now relegated to 'Shift+Esc'.
  10. Keep import and export working with raw kernel mode. Also allow for installing dependencies if running an import before jupyter was ever launched.
  11. Extra kernels that just say "Python 3 - python" are showing up in the raw kernel kernel picker.
  12. Fix intermittent launch failure with raw kernels on windows.
  13. Don't register a kernelspec when switching to an interpreter in raw kernel mode.
  14. Keep the notebook input prompt up if you focus out of vscode.
  15. Fix install message to reference run by line instead of debugging.
  16. Run by line does not scroll to the line that is being run.
  17. For direct kernel connection, don't replace a notebook's metadata default kernelspec with a new kernelspec on startup.
  18. Fixes issue with importing debupy in interactive window.
  19. Reopen all notebooks when rerunning the extension (including untitled ones).
  20. Make sure to clear 'outputPrepend' when rerunning cells and to also only ever add it once to a cell.
    (thanks Barry Nolte)
  21. Disable pre-warming of Kernel Daemons when user does not belong to the LocalZMQKernel - experiment experiment.
  22. When switching to an invalid kernel (one that is registered but cannot start) in raw mode respect the launch timeout that is passed in.
  23. Make python.dataScience.textOutputLimit apply on subsequent rerun. We were letting the 'outputPrepend' metadata persist from run to run.
    (thanks Barry Nolte)
  24. Use ${command:python.interpreterPath} to get selected interpreter path in launch.json and tasks.json.
  25. Restarting a kernel messes up run by line.
  26. Correctly show kernel status in raw kernel mode.
  27. Hovering over variables in a python file can show two hover values if the interactive window is closed and reopened.
  28. Make sure to use webView.cspSource for all csp sources.
  29. Use command line arguments to launch our raw kernels as opposed to a connection file. The connection file seems to be causing issues in particular on windows CI machines with permissions.
  30. Improve our status reporting when launching and connecting to a raw kernel.
  31. Prewarm raw kernels based on raw kernel support and don't prewarm if jupyter autostart is disabled.
  32. Don't flood the hard drive when typing in a large notebook file.
  33. Disable run-by-line and continue buttons in run by line mode when running.
  34. Disable Sort Imports command in Notebook Cells.
  35. Fix debugger continue event to actually change a cell.
  36. Make Jedi the Default value for the python.languageServer setting.
  37. Make stop during run by line interrupt the kernel.
  38. Have raw kernel respect the jupyter server disable auto start setting.

Code Health

  1. Use ts-loader as a tyepscript loader in webpack.
  2. Fixed typo from unitest -> unittest.
    (thanks Rameez Khan).
  3. Make functional tests more deterministic.
  4. Reenable CDN unit tests.
  5. Run by line for notebook cells minimal implementation.
  6. Get shape and count when showing debugger variables.
  7. Add more tests to verify data frames can be opened.
  8. Support data tips overtop of python files that have had cells run.
  9. Functional test for run by line functionality.
  10. Fixed typo in a test from lanaguage -> language.
    (thanks Ashwin Ramaswami).
  11. Add bitness information to interpreter telemetry.
  12. Fix failing linux debugger tests.
  13. Faster unit tests on CI Pipeline.
  14. Ensure we can use proposed VS Code API with ts-node.
  15. Faster node unit tests on Azure pipeline.
  16. Use deemon package for background compilation with support for restarting VS Code during development.
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