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2020.10.0 (27 October 2020)


  1. debugpy updated to latest stable version.
  2. Make data viewer openable from the variables window context menu while debugging.
  3. Do not opt users out of the insiders program if they have a stable version installed.


  1. Make sure not to set __file__ unless necessary as this can mess up some modules (like multiprocessing).
  2. Fix isolate script to only remove current working directory.
  3. Make sure server name and kernel name show up when connecting.
  4. Have Custom Editors load on editor show unless autostart is disabled.
  5. For exporting, first check the notebook or interactive window interpreter before the jupyter selected interpreter.
  6. Fix interactive debugging starting (trimQuotes error).
  7. Use the kernel defined in the metadata of Notebook instead of using the default workspace interpreter.
  8. Fix latex output not showing up without a 'display' call.
  9. Fix markdown cell marker when exporting a notebook to a Python script.

Code Health

  1. Add Windows unit tests to the PR validation pipeline.
  2. Functional test failures related to kernel ports overlapping.
  3. Change message from IPython kernel to Jupyter kernel.
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