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Published 1.1.356

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29 days ago

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed bug that results in a false positive error when a class-scoped TypeVar with a default that references another class-scoped TypeVar is used in a method signature in that class.
  • Fixed bug that resulted in a false positive error if a PEP-695 type statement uses a type parameter and encloses the RHS in quotes.
  • Fixed bug that results in incorrect type narrowing in the negative (fall-through) case when a runtime-checkable protocol class is used as a class pattern with arguments within a match statement.
  • Fixed a bug that results in a false positive when a class-scoped TypeVar used within a method has a default that refers to another class-scoped TypeVar.
  • Fixed a bug that results in a false positive reportImplicitOverride diagnostic if the class derives from an Unknown or Any class.

Behavior Changes:

  • Tweaked bidirectional type inference behaviors for lists to improve certain inference cases.
  • Changed the logic for metaclass instance variable lookups to ignore the lookup if the metaclass MRO contains an unknown class.


  • Update Unicode range tables to match Unicode 15.1.
  • Added check for the use of a non-runtime-checkable protocol class in a class pattern. This generates an exception at runtime.
  • Updated typeshed stubs to the latest version.

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