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promptflow-tools release v1.4.0

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26 days ago

What's Changed

ba9df14 Update promptflow-tools version from 1.3.0 to 1.4.0 (#2434) @chenslucky
dd5f2d5 Skipping test_open_model_llm.TestOpenModelLLM tests as they require new test resources (#2377) @young Park
7d921ad [BugFix] Do not dynamic list azure deployment names for aoai vision tool in local (#2305) @yao
39039cd [BugFix] set default values to workspace triad params of dynamic list tool func to avoid misleading errors (#2310) @chjinche
77290c1 Improve error message when LLM tool meets gpt-4-vision-preview model (#2211) @chenslucky
b9b7269 [Internal] improve token connection error message (#2245) @melionel
e2315d6 update tool package changelog to latest version (#2251) @chjinche
0eb8e0e [NewFeature] add seed to gptv tool yamls (#2209) @chjinche
cde5d60 [NewFeature] add "seed" to llm tool inputs (#2207) @chjinche
8add098 [NewFeature] enable AOAI token based auth for built in tool (#2153) @melionel
07c1d9a [BugFix]Update list_deployment_names, check connection type (#2169) @liuyuhang13

Full Changelog: v1.3.0-tools...v1.4.0-tools

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