github microsoft/playwright v1.12.3


This patch release includes bug fixes for the following issues:

#7085 - [BUG] Traceviewer screens are not recorded well when using constructable stylesheets
#7093 - Folder for a test-case is getting generated in test-results even if Test Case Passes when properties are given on Failure
#7099 - [test-runner] Missing types for the expect library
#7124 - [Test Runner] config.outputDir must be an absolute path
#7141 - [Feature] Options for video resolution
#7163 - [Test runner] artifacts are removed
#7223 - [BUG] test-runner viewport can't be null
#7284 - [BUG] incorrect @playwright/test typings for toMatchSnapshot/toMatchInlineSnapshot/etc
#7304 - [BUG] Snapshots are not captured if there is an animation at the beginning
#7326 - [BUG] When PW timeouts, last trace action does not get collected[BUG] When PW timeouts, last trace action does not get collected

Browser Versions

  • Chromium 93.0.4530.0
  • Mozilla Firefox 89.0
  • WebKit 14.2

This version of Playwright was also tested against the following stable channels:

  • Google Chrome 91
  • Microsoft Edge 91
latest release: v1.13.0
one month ago