github microsoft/playwright v1.12.1


This patch includes bug fixes for the following issues:

#6984 - slowMo does not exist in type 'Fixtures<{}, {}, PlaywrightTestOptions, PlaywrightWorkerOptions>'
#6982 - [trace viewer] srcset sanitization removes space between values, hence breaks the links
#6981 - [BUG] Getting "Please install @playwright/test package to use Playwright Test."

Browser Versions

  • Chromium 93.0.4530.0
  • Mozilla Firefox 89.0
  • WebKit 14.2

This version of Playwright was also tested against the following stable channels:

  • Google Chrome 91
  • Microsoft Edge 91
latest releases: v1.13.1, v1.13.0, v1.12.3...
one month ago