github microsoft/playwright v1.11.1


This patch includes bug fixes across all languages for the following issues:

Browser Versions

  • Chromium 92.0.4498.0
  • Mozilla Firefox 89.0b6
  • WebKit 14.2

This version of Playwright was also tested against the following stable channels:

  • Google Chrome 90
  • Microsoft Edge 90

Issues Closed (2) - can't get browser's context pages after connect_over_cdp - [Bug] Videos are not complete when an exception is thrown

Commits (4)

57c3011b2b678f7125388570875a5b3411322f6a - chore: mark v1.11.1 (#6675)
c51bd43575d50fb68b61721b9be3e1441db5d72f - cherry-pick(release-1.11): fix video saving (#6671)
6f0923bdea0b201ac6234df84da0901147128355 - fix(release-1.11): fix tests after cherry-pick
97aacf3cdef0b7fbcb788fdca7fb6ae8485fd602 - cherry-pick(release-1.11): wait for existing pages when connecting (#6619)

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2 months ago