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Sentinel Split Query fix

18 days ago

This is a minor release mainly to add a warning for Kusto/Sentinel queries that return partial results.
A close friend of MSTICPy (thx @Cyb3r-Monk) had spotted that MSTICPy does not report partial results when doing split queries so it's possible to lose data from the query range silently.

Due to an unfortunate admin error, the fix for this was committed direct to main, so no PR for this is available. :-(

If you want the query to fail (throw an exception) rather than just warn you can supply a new parameter fail_if_partial.
This only affects the Sentinel query provider and works for standard as well as split queries.

NOTE: the documentation has a typo and calls this fail_on_commit - we'll fix that in the next release to support both fail_if_partial and fail_on_partial


qry_prov.exec_query(query_string, fail_if_partial=True)

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