github microsoft/moodle-local_o365 v29.0.0.18

In this release:

New & Improved

  • Redesigned UI for Office 365 connection management.
    • Provides clear methods to create login & linked connections
    • Easy method to switch between connection types.
  • Add additional checks to Azure setup tool to verify reply and sign-on URL settings.
  • New API call throttling method means faster operation and more intelligent throttling.
    • If Office 365 starts sending throttling notifications, we will start adding a slight delay to API calls. We will increase the delay if throttling continues. Once throttling quiets down, we move back to full speed.
    • Added a new health check to view the current throttling status.
  • Code style fixes thanks to POET
  • Add additional information to debug logs to help track down issues.
  • Increase durability of system API user setting process. Use the "state" additional data field instead of the session object.
  • Add Microsoft Graph support for Office 365 for China
  • Update "Microsoft Open Technologies" references to "Microsoft"
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4 years ago