github microsoft/moodle-local_o365 v28.0.0.7

In this release:

User sync improvements.

  • A bug preventing more than 200 users from AzureAD has been fixed.
  • Users will now be synced in 200-user increments every time the cron task runs (i.e. 200 users will be synced the first time, then the next 200 will be synced on the next run).
  • User sync speed has been improved.
  • User sync task frequency has been lowered to once-per-day at 1am by default. For initial syncs and sites with large amounts of users, you may want to make this more frequent. See for more information on how to change the frequency of a scheduled task.

Sync user information on login
Additional user information is now synced from AzureAD into Moodle upon login to Moodle using the OpenID Connect SSO. This includes email, city, country, department, and user language.

Support for o365 for China
A switch has been added for users using o365 for China. The Chinese o365 API differs slightly, so this switch tells the plugins to use the Chinese API.

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5 years ago