github microsoft/moodle-local_o365 v28.0.0.17

In this release

New Features

  • New design for user control panel.
  • Increase per-job user sync to 1000 users.
  • Better control over user sync - enable/disable user creation/update/delete/match individually.
  • Match users with similar usernames in Moodle and Office 365 and automatically connect the accounts during user sync.
  • Permissions tool has been replaced with enhanced "Azure setup" tool.
  • Added extensive debug logging to better solve O365 communication problems.


  • Add connected accounts to SharePoint user groups.
  • Fix errors creating SharePoint sites.
  • Fix URL creation/recording when creating SharePoint sites.
  • Improve upgrade step durability/performance when running multiple times when upgrading major Moodle versions.
  • Prevent tasks and event observers from doing work when plugins are not configured.
  • Fix error in sharepointaccesssync when a course has not sharepoint data.
  • Prevent user data errors from interrupting login process.
  • Fix database errors when refresh token is not received.
  • Support default value in SharePoint Link admin setting.
  • Improve connection indicator to reflect situations where user only has OIDC token.
  • Fix jQuery debugging notices.
  • Fix connection detection for users using a connected (non-oidc login) account.

Preview Features

  • Add support for unified API.
  • Sync Moodle user groups and Office 365 unified user groups.
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