github microsoft/moodle-local_o365 v27.0.0.7

In this release:

Expanded Calendar Sync Options
Users can now choose which of their Outlook calendars to sync Moodle calendars with, and each Moodle calendar can have a different calendar. This release also introduces the ability to sync calendar events from Outlook into Moodle, giving users the ability to manage their Moodle calendars (including course and site calendars if they have permission) from Outlook.

Embedding Office Docs
Office documents can now be embedded directly into a course as a resource using Office online apps (Word online, etc). Documents are viewable in Moodle and users still have the option to download them.

Bugfixes/Stability Improvements

  • Fixed error accessing Sharepoint files (receiving "item not found")
  • Fixed errors syncing old calendar events to Outlook
  • Better handling of tokens, tokens refresh as needed.
  • Unit test fixes.
  • General code cleanup.
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5 years ago