github microsoft/moodle-local_o365 v27.0.0.4

In this release:

MSFTMPP-115: Allow users to connect Moodle accounts to o365 without forcing AAD login.
Users can now connect to Office365 and use all Office365 features without using AzureAD to log in. An Office365 account is still required, but users can link Moodle and Office365 accounts without having to switch their Moodle authentication method.

MSFTMPP-116: Allow AzureAD authentication using username/password on the Moodle login form.
An alternative login flow for the OpenID Connect authentication plugin was added. This new flow allows users to log in with AzureAD by using their AzureAD username and password with the standard Moodle login form. This is sometimes easier for users who are not comfortable being redirected to the AzureAD login screen. The login flow can be selected from the OpenID Connect authentication plugin's settings page.

MSFTMPP-121: Support custom AzureAD domains.
Azure tenants that do not follow the "*" scheme can now be used. Administrators can enter the entire tenant string into the settings page for the Office365 local plugin. The existing tenant setting will be converted by appending "".

Unit test fixes
A few unit test problems were fixed.

Fixed communication problems with OneDrive for Business and Sharepoint
Fixed SSL-related connection issues that appeared recently when trying to communicate with ODB and SharePoint.

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5 years ago