github microsoft/moodle-local_o365 v27.0.0.20

In this release:

New Features

  • Customizable field mapping between Azure and Moodle.
  • User creation restrictions for user sync based on field value.
  • Automatically assign Azure users to the configure Azure application during user sync to allow Moodle to show up in "My Apps" in Office.


  • Better handling of setup process to prevent "insufficient priviledges" errors when checking Azure setup.


  • Improved settings page
  • Improved setup process - more sensible settings placement, improved error messages and error handling.
  • login_hint and domain_hint parameters are sent to Azure login, when applicable, to allow some field prepopulation and improve UX.
latest releases: v3.10.0, v3.9.3, v3.9.2...
5 years ago