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2 days ago

Minor changes


  • chore: ensures AccordionHeader expandIcon supports null (PR #27912 by bsunderhus)
  • fix: Only apply aria-owns when popup is open. (PR #27989 by sopranopillow)
  • fix: DatePicker now focuses on today's date and works inside dialogs as expected. (PR #27731 by sopranopillow)
  • bugfix: wrapper slot type to NonNullable (PR #27928 by bsunderhus)
  • feat(react-v0-v9-migration): Initial release (PR #27909 by ling1726)
  • fix: preventDefault when closing the popover surface to avoid closing parent dialogs. (PR #27832 by sopranopillow)
  • fix: Move disabled styles in textarea selector to the textarea styles. (PR #27920 by sopranopillow)
  • packages/react-components/react-toolbar/src/components/ToolbarToggleButton/useToolbarToggleButton.ts (PR #27796 by ling1726)

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