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June 2019 (version 1.8.0)

June 2019 (version 1.8.0)

Change Log

Version 1.8.0

  • Release date: June 6, 2019
  • Release status: General Availability

What's new in this version

  • Initial release of the Database Admin Tool Extensions for Windows Preview extension
  • Initial release of the Central Management Servers extension
  • Schema Compare
    • Added Exclude/Include Options
    • Generate Script opens script after being generated
    • Removed double scroll bars
    • Formatting and layout improvements
    • Complete changes can be found here
  • Messages panel moved into results panel - when users ran SQL queries, results and messages were in stacked panels. Now they are in separate tabs in a single panel similar to SSMS.
  • Notebook
    • Users can now choose to use their own Python 3 or Anaconda installs in notebooks
    • Multiple Stability + fit/finish fixes
    • View the full list of improvements and fixes here
  • Visual Studio Code May Release Merge 1.34 - the latest improvements can be found here
  • Resolved bugs and issues.

Contributions and "thank you"

Stevoni for Corrected Keyboard Shortcut Execution Issue #5480

latest releases: 1.32.0, 1.31.1, 1.31.0-2...
2 years ago