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February 2019 (version 1.4.5)

February 2019 (version 1.4.5)

Release Notes

  • Added Admin pack for SQL Server extension pack to make it easier to install SQL Server admin-related extensions. This includes:
  • Added filtering extended event support in Profiler extension
  • Added Save as XML feature that can save T-SQL results as XML
  • Added Data-Tier Application Wizard improvements
    • Added Generate script button
    • Added view to give warnings of possible data loss during deployment
  • Updates to the SQL Server 2019 Preview extension
  • Results streaming enabled by default for long running queries
  • Resolved bugs and issues.

Contributions and "thank you"

We would like to thank all our users who raised issues, and in particular the following users who helped contribute fixes:

  • AlexFsmn for Added context menu for DBs in explorer view to backup & restore db. #2277
  • sadedil for Missing feature request: Save as XML #3729
  • gbritton1 for Removed reference to object explorer #3463
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