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November Insiders Build 1.2.3

November Insiders Build 1.2.3

Note: insiders builds are produced directly off master. They provide access to the latest bug fixes and improvements. They may also have more bugs in some areas. For the latest stable build checkout the October Release release.

The November release is focused on product stabilization in core Connectivity, Object Explorer and Query Editor feature areas.

  • Fix .Net Core Socket KeepAlive issue causing dropped inactive connections on macOS
  • Upgrade SQL Tools Service to .Net Core 2.2 Preview 3 (for eventual AAD support)
  • Fix customer reported GitHub issues
    • #2717 XML Column result click formatting
    • #2993 Width's Result windows is incomplete
    • #2851 TimeSeries chart does not render correctly.
    • #2933 Connection lost to Azure SQL DB
    • #2914 "Invalid argument" exception expanding OE database node
    • #2996 Temp table loss due to sudden session change
    • #2935 Display multi-line messages correctly in query results
    • #2906 Fix Edit Data document name when table name contains special characters
    • #2929 Built in extension changelog says to check the VSCode Release Notes for changes
    • #2719 High Contrast theme doubles/triples icons
    • #3047 Add a command line interface for connecting to a SQL Server
    • #3031 Add query plan theme support
    • Fix: DATETIMEOFFSET data types should be ISO formatted

Contributions and "thank you"

We would like to thank all our users who raised issues, and in particular the following users who helped contribute fixes:

  • rdaniels6813 for Add query plan theme support #3031
  • Ruturaj123 for Fixed some typos and grammatical errors #3027
  • PromoFaux for Use emoji shortcodes in instead of � #3009
  • ckaczor for Fix: DATETIMEOFFSET data types should be ISO formatted #714
  • hi-im-T0dd for Fixed sync issue with my forked master so this commit is correct #2948
  • hi-im-T0dd for Fixed when right clicking and selecting Manage-correct name displays #2794
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