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October 2018 (version 1.1.3)

October 2018 (version 1.1.3)

The Azure Data Studio October Release introduces the Azure Resource Explorer viewlet and fixes numerous customer reported issues. The focus is primarily on issues impacting Connection, Object Explorer, Query Editor and the SQL Agent extension.

  • Introducing the Azure Resource Explorer to browse Azure SQL Databases
  • Improve Object Explorer and Query Editor connectivity robustness
  • SQL Server 2019 and SQL Agent extension improvements

Contributions and "thank you"

We would like to thank all our users who raised issues, and in particular the following users who helped contribute fixes:

  • philoushka for center the icon (#2760)
  • anthonypants for Typo (#2775)
  • kstolte for Fix Invalid Configuration in Launch.json (#2789)
  • kstolte for Fixing a reference to SQL Ops Studio (#2788)
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