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September 2018 (version 1.0.0)

September 2018 (version 1.0.0)

General Availability release of Azure Data Studio (formerly SQL Operations Studio).

  • Announcing the SQL Server 2019 Preview extension.
    • Support for SQL Server 2019 preview features including big data cluster support.
    • Connect to the HDFS/Spark Gateway shipped with SQL Server 2019 preview.
    • Browse HDFS, upload files, save files, and launch useful actions such as Analyze in Notebook for CSV files.
      Submit Spark jobs from the dashboard or right-click on a HDFS/Spark connection in Object Explorer.
    • Azure Data Studio Notebooks
    • Create or open Notebooks using an integrated Notebook viewer. In this release the Notebook viewer supports connecting to local kernels and the SQL Server 2019 big data cluster only.
    • Use the PROSE Code Accelerator libraries in your Notebook to learn file format and data types for fast data preparation.
    • Azure Resource Explorer
    • The Azure Resource Explorer view lets you browse data-related endpoints for your Azure accounts and create connections to them in Object Explorer. In this release Azure SQL Databases and servers are supported.
      SQL Server Polybase Create External Table Wizard
    • Create an external table and its supporting metadata structures with an easy to use wizard. In this release, remote SQL Server and Oracle servers are supported.
  • Query Results Grid performance and UX improvements for large number of result sets.
  • Visual Studio Code source code refresh from 1.23 to 1.26.1 with Grid Layout and Improved Settings Editor (preview).
  • Accessibility improvements for screen reader, keyboard navigation and high-contrast.
  • Added Connection name option to provide an alternative display name in the Servers viewlet.
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