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August Public Preview 0.32.9

August Public Preview 0.32.9

Note Build 0.32.9 is August Public Preview "Recovery Build 2". This build includes the VS Code 1.26.1 source code refresh and fixes for several high-impact bugs in 0.32.8.

The August release is focused on bug fixes, product stabilization and filling gaps in existing scenarios.

  • Announcing the SQL Server Import Extension
  • SQL Server Profiler Session management
  • SQL Server Agent improvements
  • New community extension: First Responder Kit
  • Quality of Life improvements: Connection strings
  • Bug Fixes
    • Parse SQL in a Query Editor window by using the Parse Syntax command
    • Save edit data scroll position when switching tabs #2129
    • View as Chart options are cut off at the bottom #1497
    • SQL Server Profiler session template support
    • Cancel change connection disconnects current connection #1474
    • Bug: Error message when saving Excel file second (and subsequent) time #1748
    • Update document icon for Dashboard and Profiler documents #2107
    • SQL Tab DB Icon is red #387
    • Feature Request: Auto Connect to current server after Script as... #825
    • Added more saveAsCsv options #2099
    • Feature Suggestion: Get Connection String for existing connection #1620
    • Bug: Results pane loses its scrolling positions when switching between tabs #1744
    • Agent: Enabled button to import queries from sql files #2042
    • .sql files not associated with SQL Operations Studio #1836
    • Copy from query results grid is off by 1 column #1985
    • Add VS Code version to About dialog #1998
    • double-click not selecting @ in variable name #143
    • Typing N'' autocompletes to N''' #1850
    • Results Grid Row Indicator Zero Based #2152
    • Fix the decimal separator #1317
    • SelectBox doesn't change color when disabled #1624
    • Save as JSON/EXCEL/CSV not work #1728
    • Shell/Dashboard: Main viewlet icons are draggable and can crash the app #1524
    • Can't use Ctrl+C shortcut to copy from result pane #2091
    • Updating causes application icon to be removed/replaced in Windows #1285
    • Not able to expand/collapse remote file browser folder by clicking name #1578
    • sqlops.desktop [Desktop Entry] - redundant value for Name & Comment #1278
    • Edit data: cell doesn't revert to original value on hitting Escape key #1782

Announcing the SQL Server Import Extension

The SQL Server Import for SQL Operations Studio Preview is now available in the Extension Manager. This extension provides the Flat File Import Wizard that can be used to import CSV and JSON files into SQL Server tables.


This wizard was created to improve the current import experience leveraging an intelligent framework known as Program Synthesis using Examples (PROSE). For a user without specialized domain knowledge, importing data can often be a complex, error prone, and tedious task. This wizard streamlines the import process as simple as selecting an input file and unique table name, and the PROSE framework handles the rest.

PROSE analyzes data patterns in your input file to infer column names, types, delimiters, and more. This framework learns the structure of the file and does all of the hard work so users don't have to.

Please note that the PROSE binary components used by this extension are licensed under the MICROSOFT SQL TOOLS IMPORT FLAT FILE EULA.

New community extension: First Responder Kt

This extension provides immediate access to the current First Responder Kit scripts and introductory execution suggestions. (All credit due to The extension makes it simple to Import and Run scripts from the First Responder Kit. Please check it out and open issues at

Contributions and "thank you"

We would like to thank all our users who raised issues, and in particular the following users who helped contribute fixes:

  • SebastianPfliegel Added more saveAsCsv options #2099
  • ianychoi Fixes a typo: Mimunum -> Minimum #1994
  • AlexFsmn Fixed bug where proper file extension wasn't appended to filename. #2151
  • AlexFsmn Added functionality for adding any file to import wizard #2329
  • AlexFsmn Fixed background issue when copying a chart to clipboard #2215
  • AlexFsmn Fixed problem where vertical charts didn't display labels correctly. #2263
  • AlexFsmn Fixed Initial values for charts to match visuals #2266
  • AlexFsmn Renamed chart option labels #2264
  • AlexFsmn Added feature for opening file after exporting to CSV/XLS/JSON & query files #2216
  • AlexFsmm Get Connection String should copy to clipboard #2175
  • AlexFsmn Feature: Ability to add connection name #2332
  • AlexFsmn Disabled connection name input when connecting to a server. #2566

Special thanks to AlexFsmn this month for making numerous high-value improvements! It's wonderful to see the community engagement.

Known Issues

  • #2150 Unable to connect on Ubuntu 16.04 to SQL in container


-- Changes for 0.32.9 merges master through 0.33.7 insiders build
-- Changes for 0.33.7
03ea265bab6e10ec63566813808e0e524965caca Hide tabs on reexecute (#2624)
917f9eead36dd64d4fe0c686eacc17ac42141d2b Feat/add dom component (#2622)
a2fb0ec029b994d87ceaa448dd124a01529d2428 fixed actual show plan command (#2620)
084042ad137647738a1df45522499abc270e30c7 Bug/oetimeout Fix - When timeout happens while fetching node children, the node becomes unusable (#2616)
8da3defe24c6424ca4dbd799a0a2dd9661ca9eaa Added text underline CSS for DB NULL values when editing / showing data (#2597)
-- Changes for 0.33.6
f7abf5a2d54ebeb8949a42403e61f040eb12a540 Fix stating for scrolls (#2615)
c8c6d072f6f2be7e9796d909b77aaba462eb7d81 Respect message settings (#2614)
4d9cc604b9b0038aee736065b3b2b7a346b0a53d add view area options to pick up chart background fix (#2613)
1dc76fa17107ae416fb99138ee23e9dce35196ec Dashboard: Fixed all insight bugs (#2612)
1d37b9ae9cc1de55edf374d2572a487d9a479f5a fixes scrolling in query plan (#2609)
26828602a88e88098f075f9ceab6f569e38df307 Use version 2.0.9 of electron (#2606)
e253f3ac89147ca1ad6a8c31e72ddac20d4ad28d Fix/bump dependency versions (#2608)
4d59fdea1b8da2f3e2f19f223ae13e2aef8afc17 The "New Query" context menu is now only available from the server & db (#2598)
98a313eb5b5762a35c575ce59fcc9d6ca37426ed Changed the "Configure" link to "Learn How To Configure The Dashboard". (#2599)
77e1cd8b325075bd22d6d97517cc55f397caff98 fixed insights crash (#2596)
dede5c5ef5ac4d80a0ed7bd8ee1deb165fc27f0c edit data issue with column index handling (#2595)
d156c0be3d6ccb25291fdb823c8bbde4b405cf91 Fix crash when reverting in edit data with no changes (#2594)
-- Changes for 0.33.5
05040425df44c4ad60e6465e0322bf2c88b28e58 Add OE node refresh API method (#2578)
36f7c283b80d126da8c0d91fcc0a3d4413dce083 use latest slickgrid library (#2584)
9fe423703332b475edc16597fefe7eee82f548bf Maintain Query State (#2571)
b03c0a3e2d69e3ee1448bf59b5ba6051c38500ad accessibility setting based select database dropdown (#2579)
87946996ede0c09fe42aec715363cc7ae02bad00 added context to chart buttons so they work (#2575)
cc5502344017c9de8d85e43a19a4bb0dae4fa75b Disabled connection name input when connecting to a server. (#2566)
950a4403506d8b4dc0ee547b7cf951c7ced0e756 fix the connection issue when opening new query after connection (#2561)
-- Changes for 0.33.4
2a047d675773e322804c7ab23e7e96e1c76889b0 Bug/extension contribution (#2560)
1e6c809f9ed57245191487cc8583e2a841084dac add divcontainer in modelview (#2559)
dafc3a2cdafb302cad87c7474f122fb94e8ceb9e Support isDirty flag for model view editors and begin plumb through of save support (#2547)
67ce1b299c7e2ba1abc1de2030cc657f9f6cfdd4 fix the account not found error when creating firewall rules (#2543)
cba48ae2e708e3c17b8d72a31d57b8762846d20c change active cell during change to fix focus shift (#2545)
ceb771ddf837b65c66bb754b6f8de2d1862dac2c Fix sizing error when switching windows (#2544)
-- Changes for 0.33.3
2639b2bd2c239c72904a68568b704c2dd4714f46 Fix bug around debounced event not being flushed in time (#2536)
82aa493dfd9834ab7892e10bc545903ee28b3531 Reduce message panel min size to 0 (#2534)
6c3c7c40b57b0512ef01dc6ecdc8bc8b14f1bd7f Turn-off Git missing prompt (#2533)
5616751c044195a1642f3d0b695fdd68efd2f199 fix grid action bar not updating (#2532)
7d898ca34de88eb41615078a28c2702a11450520 Fix grid gaps (#2531)
e26556b21a19e841c140a7077e66cf16c3e22d2d Fixes #2523 (#2528)
89e6d363e287f626f3e9c6c0ca9ca87b6380b27e Selection in grid context (#2527)
c559ac7be9ccd777f1ff88b2da631e891203301a expand messages panel on error (#2519)
b3fbe47f0a0ae2f8bf24814248ebfa66ed86271d add min size for row num column (#2518)
c73af4c480d6c3ba47411e8702c59ab7e72461cf add check for selection model in edit data (#2517)
8887fe1eacee0131ce28a6254ee3371a74b40f37 fix the save and save all for untitled file (#2526)and had a high likelihood of conflicts. Invitably after adding dozens or hundreds of icons you'll start seeing the CSS class replaced and overridden.
8ec09d25ce2d6a8853f20b07d5e572d1f69c2cb9 add listener to change action bar on maximize change (#2505)
a9a01ae479460af810853e7709c072db75bb1e95 fixes a rendering problem in splitview (#2512)
31a3864789615fee32ad0c31e6c1f755f0578adc Disable the User Setup prompt (#2501)
a5c537197c06db1674ee02315d126a701edb1d0f add animation when button is clicked and fix title in button (#2488)
4ea13bdbc0730fdd54750d834a1997d26ff6e956 add select all handler to grid (#2496)
b06ddf2dc7d1b8abc03e778aea456ca408bd1ec8 change cursor in message panel to default (#2494)
2c45ac9df3a2423fa204b85df50d51bf06ff87af Reorder Connection Name field in Connection Dialog (#2498)
7735f685028d8ff78afd2ae56ff40440ee84bfb1 Add check for potential failure in handling drag (#2499)
ffb0f5a1c7e79afcc0e5e2284ba3a944364333e7 add grid styles (#2483)
80c7f9e8556c7674fee037603900e09a4a2d4cfe add logic to hide and add grid panel based on size (#2481)
709ef4e39fa914e41a83629d915b3a230c9cc3d5 Alanren/icon overwrite issue (#2484)
4ceb869420d4c692e54a4bd875041389039b0712 remove autosize and change column header css to properly respect column sizes (#2480)
432a20918429caab13f87a000411a54e93e6bd0b fix error message formatting (#2477)
8444271c58a76ba1357e56dd02ebba1e43967470 Fix Action Bar viewlet ordering (#2472)
2bc97c23d4fd6cc4f1cd23ac08a9b852ad6bcea2 Bump Electron to 2.0.8 and SQL Ops to 0.33.3 (#2466)
--Changes for 0.33.2
9ea02bf125ae27517afd51af247bf7d69845cacd Security: Added user setting for extension policies (#2426)
2b4de52af4c8565debda24732a9403d07a5bd055 Remove redundant getChildren method in IModelViewTreeViewDataProvider. (#2463)
d3492ebf2f713c073927aca1486dc9a6b54eb52a Change some variable names that used reserved keywords (#2457)
ff8698f619bae4b2f406990ad3e2a5e2714dcb99 Security: Added warning for all vsix extensions (#2406)
16bc218ea70f7844f130fa132375e51faca1b10a fix formatting on time stamps (#2456)
72d2920dc30b19d435bd6101a0e9c51e1d26bcfd add table options to fix column widths (#2458)
fb8de0d753d740883a50cca772a4157664edb4aa fix select box's screen reader issues (#2462)
352afc982777524bdc3b91e99bc332480f912560 Pixel perfect support for buttons showing correctly in vertical mode (#2460)
ce699a1c84c672138d17cc8f1f62019c5833e5ec change the default lang in editor component to plaintext and fix sample (#2459)
cde20d338e5de25903485992e7fc4cb30a57b2fc Fix extension installation that broke in merge (#2448)
8ab22e9cc8aa8cdd26f4af46570b955716de4e89 change layout for gridpanel to correctly handle header size (#2452)
0f2442a7a5f9aded8215b34fe46fc2a4c25384ec Add fix for flashing during dragging and resize drag box (#2451)
ba91140ea5ab1f9c143e180e4b43c559a0b24c7f Enable the support for post-connection behaviors for openConnectionDialog (#2455)
10f05e75ce4859e3972e2122e9319debcd3e71be Add css styles options to all components (#2454)
287811f4ab307ca3b4703e0d972deb333b84fd35 Fix bug where webview options weren't revived, causing URI lookup to fail (#2453)
a68462c7cbb5b6f2151ac4d7c2f9d100357dfe60 Fix Extension Manager marketplace sorting (#2450)
005c28dd3abc2ab1982eadf3fdb134ca926a1c06 Accounts: Enable notification for accounts change (#2432)
197e1c651f315a81c2bb520eeadfc210da274b37 add listeners to make grid the largest (#2447)
c01da0f2635e0dae4ea1563536396ce59d99cd4b fix off by one in query messages (#2446)
81ff542d0b923774c63645ee2d472b4bc217f764 add copy keybind (#2445)
efee27559bb753f5f5b07e928101c6d5980149bb Update SQL Ops to 0.33.2
dc5408f87482bd9545b3a76a96acf75aac65c148 Fix break opening SQL files (#2449)
7cf921715851104c9ca301f1f281bb8afd0f0f85 fix for findSubstr not doing URI.file(<filename>).fspath (#2441)
401fc8161a119ca721931c856f2ebdc13cf169a1 fix dragging (#2438)
be2f9a609965e98b6315245ca04f46e2e5425823 Add "preview features" config switch (#2334)
21989aa88e47360c229157a16abd4b8816900bce Simplify GitHub templates (#2440)
461d041a50ed648cad3a0e1a13dd864ccbd2729b Fix SQLPLAN custom editor support (#2439)
-- Changes for 0.33.1
de8662c52f54e12640ecc6461d045d6cd04c18c8 Fix wrong import extension Linux config (#2401)
0dbbbad370b11b81bffb02b915f8b22955553267 added check for icon task (#2408)
2e05c0a7d934b74ae71b7a3202d353916473bb98 Fix Edit data bugs (#2428)
f12f1cb3921f1a890ebd7833a0846cab24c911a2 Update so it actually works (#2422)
b6891850a777282c8ebe4e821e2ca0e85b33f6ca Charting actions (#2411)
f147d799e0e9ce8d1795193e3b100063a0f38f1a fix grid resizing interation with editor (#2427)
534bbe9b9a426d0b6b31c5cd83de5f6dcc555926 add create webview event and fix fire event in model view (#2405)
b7f4f6af3aed9ca377559f375a5e7808a400b435 Handle Promise errors caused by cancellation (#2420)
ac96919caf8b4248d4c1d2eb287338194e7540fe Add support for clickable links and other webview options (#2396)
05cf06656d4a7e2cbef7def97826c1a71f9377d6 Fix grid sizing issues (#2410)
1356f0bcf6b958665f8cfcd27baa42dbbd08439b Readd query plan (#2409)
ce0c955c2927f46d604fad0d95faec4a0374724d Fix Grid Links (#2393)
0e7f89169e130c9a824ece37b9bf5b643fcbb0d9 fix insert ordering in scrollable splitview (#2392)
81329fa7faaf76be0d9646e09e9935c2c075fc21 Merge VS Code 1.26.1 (#2394)
37632783669bf32fa1dcada53edc30652cd51b56 Feature: Ability to add connection name (#2332)
8600dbb04ee84d6afdba760379c58dcfa8872115 Public api changes to namespace accounts & connection. (#2383)
b27f69aaceab027c40539eb55b0d2451abf76bbb model view remove and insert components (#2351)
8e0c19fc8d732d975890c6481b15221628a9c346 Refactor chart viewer (#2381)
54ee1c23f008a06342e138bbb1db79f435224720 hide the account count badge in linked account dialog (#2352)
39b33160c217d316f039e58bc8fdaabdb223649d add resize on reset to handle not correctly resizing on reruns (#2357)
d94f86b44a38a30283caeee489932bcde4be14a1 Fix grid changes that broke profiler (#2365)
4ae0daa17fb998d1dcd80fe024f54e9ad669ec85 Fix editor URI when properties are set in extension (#2360)
5197ef591a117e5b9c2bf7a0ed4df767f090836b update slickgrid (#2342)
898f8ec0068dc6399d178d950bb20c4fa5b3843e fix editor uri in the editor model view (#2350)
37ff96ba95a97355eec9f4f74dcdf00a8c79d27b fix the revert new row crashing the tools service issue (#2341)
fa961832f3939436d9b1e2df273ac495576b6134 Disable broken test case for VSO Windows builds (#2339)
b66ac2781c3998bc7110a627d08c716601d4cd14 add markdown-language-features to sqlops (#2338)
-- Changes for 0.32.8
efd470b3c771ef7473ba3cf108a33b6579c96a53 fixed bug where select all and save to excel would show only one row (#2379)
cf515afb39cbb08cb7991df37616263d9da034e9 fixed select all bug (#2378)
b9ddc02dd832c80fa8d31cd070db978077401982 Revert SlickGrid to 2.3.25 (#2377)
-- Changes for 0.32.7
c5bcb634798f007fa541854672271115d0a2550f Update Import Flat File readme (#2353)
cd4112ecbf4a3aad73ae52185323930c4f68beb2 Pickup SlickGrid update for setFocus null ref exception
783eff00c11a172117be52dcc0727a5e285ecb64 fix the revert new row crashing the tools service issue (#2341)
3b154e89a0becdc634e894d5ff6c7ca4a538758d Connection string will now automatically copy to clipboard on command. (#2331)
48f4b4e94296e884c0f5ce81449b8fbd136623a9 Support editor content change notification, URI property and correctly align toolbar items (#2327)
-- Changes for 0.32.6
9717b7516d0e2eda6342bfae2618710f13650746 Bump Agent, Import and Profiler extensions versions (#2330)
b92c23df2b5bf7de975fc0767c49a96daf98422e Added functionality for adding any file to import wizard (#2329)
df617f19e044c559ad37fdcc6111f922d3adfe82 Feature: Usage metrics (#2227)
fb565c2548cb020e1b5c7209bcef080f40a81625 insights widget accessibility support (#2324)
2bfc3a6c85c02035fd0a451fc720f39879973e1b Support position property in editor component (#2314)
4ab5d84b9431b4a9cc23687fb2d9ecfc839f41c1 hide the backup restore commands from command palette (#2317)
154213b7055c1091194e1ef200df3ba7288597de Bump Electron to 1.7.16 (#2312)
4cce29ea9dfb50e4113195f4c35707367e1ed474 change sqlops to be dev dep (#2311)
9d5d00aa8f8297a75f49ac2ce7330367612c7c28 Updated Profiler readme with getting started instructions
70d47c17577bc40c1ec52623b5c5b83abd4dd29f Prompt to create Profiler session per server (#2303)
84da9d289b1f21431e2aaffebb036e4d578734b7 Support vertical orientation for toolbar (#2308)
7a30d535e8d210a91791c2236fcdec95fdbc518b Make it possible to tab to result export buttons (#2302)
3ac2cfa528a9548515fd98f97c6e40f943e21161 fix the active cell's bottom border disappearing issue (#2301)
78d68aa1b90ad379b438d283241a9830e3afd43c Fix typo in SQL Tools Service config.json
8042b78f1e63629fbfeacafe88e10aa0eff7d885 Check whether page is valid before enabling next button. (#2293)
000d0642768bc87820f944f2d60d0b448c093c4f Show no account message after deleting all azure accounts (#2294)
6f5e4c30dcf4c41f9437b97f072da1e430c313f6 fix edit data issue (#2285)
8e7457911efbacb4add3bdc317eb3c1b9220ed8d Bump DMP client to pick-up build connection string LIB (#2284)
43b320793770018d579f50f557ff6941ce96ea2e changed desktop icon flag (#2281)
22f2151c218349ff61b74b673133435b2289c144 fix the layout issue in model view (#2280)
7c744f230747e3d13e0ac5e762ead3608e50e980 Put newline between multiple selections when copying results (#2279)
08d57fed866ee68389d7ec5e7892b0017c11373e Check-in current XLF files (#2275)
6e8a0fe0ef6cc3c76188433df55d2b4eed15d90a Fixed background issue when copying a chart to clipboard (#2215)
6668ec4b5d5641df248675d476af37e7564faa7d Fix accessibility bugs in Chart Viewer and Advanced properties (#2240)
08a828829366f188f87aeb6b4c2fe14f490353ba fix the server group disapearing issue #1835 (#2269)
3001640eec16f400e8d480e85987ea23036417d7 Fix getUriForConnection API returning wrong URIs (#2202)
efa3658ced09a0de12dbf6e8db9fa66ee886db20 added preview messages (#2208)
92bc253cf73c3cb6d23a872ade59337b5190fae1 Fixed problem where vertical charts didn't display labels correctly. (#2263)
a1901908437e9ee4ddbf6cb71e759d4ce68e5f86 Fixed Initial values for charts to match visuals (#2266)
9c40bd1a23bf3f37d959d484da8862c40257eabd Fix error where rename controller wasn't in InstantiationService (#2243)
dc2193138de28a32c9c60e5dcb5aaf85af4e5cfb fix the layout issue in model view dialog (#2242)
033c8cb8b16130224f596c0d3de21fb1d60aff77 Adds build connection info feature (#2192)
21c4429c6e7c6a7cf37ccfa7a23f63fdf62bbf1e Agent: Added support for high contrast theme (#2229)
348a96b033a765cfd51105e4b290c223d961dc7e Renamed chart option labels (#2264)
0c930d7c0f830d632eca6aa137eb3f64d9a0f8a0 Added feature for opening file after exporting to CSV/XLS/JSON & query files (#2216)
8d7f497e0c36941db9ea0f7e231f9021b38c8423 Switch back DB icon but use default colors (#2254)
1b6328b451c74e8138d0d8eab4e955ea931ea25f reverting a change in declarative table (#2246)
-- Changes for 0.32.5
a8f21b56f0707e42383da5fe0614cf91e7addada Fix context menus in grids (#2245)
19c08fe0eb23eaa372bb788f316049c83e1bba54 Alanren/fixfor1782 (#2247)
db817a7192e64f811625a6502ab55593b24a2285 Required fields and labelling of buttons (#2237)
2c8e93cc9607450a1f929333276368e9794c76e4 Support right clicking the database to start the importer task (#2233)
-- Changes for 0.32.4
4e9a97f09ffab0714378c15a51cbf1e6b9dd6f5 fix for issue: Results Grid Row Indicator Zero Based #2152 (#2232)
298ddc4195dbaa9b346d0cdbbc71f9447a9597af fix layout and add css styling for flex item (#2231)
d9134d60850a4b9f9519f27374ad9fbc164e3453 Fix for: (#2228)
b17b4ce880aa10d8f108cce2c18c8d7c9371f90a Entry Point updates (#2222)
2304c324532b283fe99f9c12fe7f82564edce0d7 fixed the issue caused by my latest check in in connection service (#2220)
2b68e4a7dfd85263dbcbe9ad4e30867f7e80a64f fix issue where tree item doesn't expand when collapsible state is expanded (#2212)
8f06e723189605c30ab13c57c556544b1199a933 add aria label to the title of dialog (#2210)
5fa740ead48c627b17568bda9a60ace0587d084d added fix for disabling dropdown (#2203)
e5096e61e5f8fd991f9dd440ffe6db2387f814b8 Feature/ext connection dialog (#2201)
2a3195636e0c5683be5238eb07095d866678db10 Feat/import/language used (#2204)
5fb9b8ccd3fb1e86366709ed7a066b6a0562a626 Clean importer startup (#2197)
7089e2299a1ebdb7eebd87bcbf872d757f23ba67 Switches distribution of OSX binaries: (#2198)
b553cbb68cad2b03a035ef86d62cd758bd5204f8 update build to use yarn to fix errors (#2191)
c712411e774533f46b57072d9d3054b983511fee Fixes the build issues. (#2190)
48d5cc554c267e6b9b3c91cc1f67e2fb030fb19a fixed the bug with collapsibleState (#2189)
39bfd69dc9641e1e0aa977c99853e56717679703 Import Wizard (#2130)
d690b8049309a7d1bb368d2c354665ef1505f5c9 Avoid null ref when workspace folder uri is undefined (#2179)
eb48a9f99368e9aca04cb50accf7ffb8d3e29cc4 Fix Profiler missing title property error message (#2176)
5a54abaf44a44d305959728c89f5f0007b651f17 fixed the issue with tree component layout (#2174)
47c161f9f16cc32647235086ca2d8903856263aa Bump SQL Ops to 0.32.4 and bump extensions (#2169)
807f8e68f34e8f82bd4b395cd30e35f128f5e4bc Fix drag-n-drop null ref in OE (#2163)
fba8536c33cc3f643b9353d4c924eb395ff271f6 Update active grid tracking to fix copy bug (#2162)
36fc1bb71adaf72d4ab5d62e9fb959e8ff1e1301 added option for desktop icon (#2155)
ccaa96c81e5bd90387294828ceb579fc261dcc0e Add >= and <= operators for context key expressions. (#2160)
ac2f279c8854bc0885f1eda3ff31eb7440caaf15 Fix edit data bugs (#2157)
91cb99b8c8a78d27ac7a6d5636291b65b4764244 changed linux packaging comment (#2158)
02b1a525e36e833b12c604ed3a6f8c828f74d71e made the tree single click mode (#2159)
9bf4a4b18cdd91bb8584a2c93bef90d76812471f Added node selectdEvent (#2153)
8a01553c4977271f41047e4c45b9a47046acd0f0 Remove edit under vs directory from previous commit (#2154)
21b913845fa2f0b0e0dd31c86a79deb66922af18 Fixed bug where proper file extension wasn't appended to filename. (#2151)
-- Changes for 0.32.3
220e4feb1d65de98fd7f872a699b47b6f18d7bc7 Bump MIME module (#2148)
13884c0457e2e388dce24596e5c1dee6c6005b96 Support QueryInput when handling renamed files (#2146)
b3bb6ebc6e8ee4be8adf986bf272f45b984c80b5 Use event element to determine whether to hide dropdown (#2145)
424eb90dd8b150252710d00cd77fde42eff7963a Save edit data scroll position when switching tabs (#2129)
df804d07292b405556e1251b74296960fd3481de Make sure chart viewer height gets set correctly (#2143)
79269cdfd5c198802019d64e2bc54e496ddb0795 Add session templates to profiler (#2115)
2a650d4d7443ac2f482301df30181055a0f666c3 Do not disconnect editor when canceling change connection (#2144)
017b4ecdb3d0987d0aea82e8c3d15b6e65aa2016 fixed breaking bug in job history and fixed accordion style (#2138)
9c84bf3fd55fa9e04da31f4defc7116d16f11bbf Fix directory name error exporting results multiple times (#2134)
397b54a8c3bbe55c5f1f9d80e372f416800449b5 Update dashboard, profiler and query icons (#2135)
cb3604c0a18a3a17bed8696d5400f0a3deb070ab Add NodeLabel to TreeNodeContextKey (#2113)
1a7f0673ea8a6ea1b2e136a3719441a5bc0c59e1 Prevent the insights dialog from showing duplicate buttons (#2122)
0d043207b9371a4ff550392ce051ae20c02d178f Feature/tree component (#2077)
f995dea9719fef8859175d438e06ac2258111e98 Connect the editor for Script operations (#2123)
49e20488bc51b2073c7df971c6d5da68c94db75a Added more saveAsCsv options (#2099)
3e47b271924a0a7dbc7ab8f7fa8ed661f51e91f9 Bump Tools Service to 1.5.20 (#2121)
f4fa18ec05e5ff3c872ff764ca1589a9280bfa0d Add GetConnectionString command (without build break) (#2120)
4ffa5cc1dad10c95f86f705f81e1919cf1e8a69c Bump Server Reports extension to 0.1.3 (#2104)
172e1cf3bf87ae892ce39964c6a670790ffab7d0 put parse syntax in command palette instead of editor (#2103)
e6a32e52f5216a610d2c60271279a17b607b2c4c Bump SQL Ops to 0.32.3 (#2088)
d2b6f6844dc33b0b3954a4e50a4b77596df6f375 Add connection API method to get URI (#2021)
e9ef95ef1fa278674e1fc3d2d3f64db9e968ca7e Save query result selection/scroll when switching tabs (#2052)
10eeb5374f914d615c3f6efae22f5abe2226c3a0 enabled button to import queries from sql files (#2042)
332951bc8e3d21c44a7eb2eec77fb1de2d57ff29 Pick-up newer version proxy node module (#2074)
4daf3280ffc87a221acff898faad2ce08e68b5b2 Bring in all the extensibility updates we added during the hackathon (#2056)
87bb2c74d9a21d7130919f604d9f9f719f563b0b added .sql to associated files to sql ops (#2060)
ba011853a0cd26c075c41f9d5e1ef91138fe3bee Add text editor component for model view (#2058)
-- Changes for 0.32.2
461a158ac32ac67f17158c931f0c84fc38478341 Bumped version for insider build (#2053)
85f59f1103f89b2e524be3b20c7f9186ca8b27bb Removed the export from defaultSort function (#2048)
335b9f445f370e99f29d1dd3f5d819a9872198e1 Feature: Parse Query Syntax (#1997)
7cda45c90450df2706cecc2db97d85c28237898a Fix for Saved Connections list collapse when window is too small (#2029)
4159fdc1a373048ff17ebb313936efab0f17c349 Add off by one handler for selection (#2009)
190da30979b73bc43a9065ab9acca0a7a2923473 Update some Agent license headers (#2008)
ed9c74b90071bd6dc0ac6ea068588ced930e1ce2 Localized the unlocalized strings (#2018)
6783766c33fc767857f3c20d3b5ef2cf375f4cfb Declarative table layout and option (#2007)
b27018b3790c77f596c25bd3cc53f70ac90999af Update SQL Tools to 1.5.0-alpha.14
021d07e04accf292fe9bf5b760d1aa6c72d44466 Add VS Code version to product metadata (#1998)
bf0baec3924dc55ccb936330b63d9b921fa40d75 Fixes a typo: Mimunum -> Minimum (#1994)
ab938f2536d23c65d8d7b93d3486552abaf5b420 Remove @ from word separators (#1990)
a55b1804e913a92ded67285964de01a947fe1dd9 Tackles issue #1723 (#1988)
-- Changes for 0.32.1
4bfa6b3a5d290049ebbbf3e2c269ac46fc9ef200 Save editor cursor/scroll position when switching sql files (#1978)
d20f24be18704f493488888bf4e8764eeeb7c16a Bump slickgrid to fix html content issue (#1980)
8a17bae7a6348e63a6e100ea550070678375e156 Loading spinner while validating next/done (#1975)
d14c73fad532058d32f9169b3537314ee3c83594 vbump service-downloader (#1965)
ce878e1defb8bc209fa7f9be712292ab31f7f069 Rework slickgrid keyboard navigation (#1930)
a64a0d1db674ed0aefa497a8306d5c131a6f68e3 Bump SQL Ops to 0.32.1 for August iteration
feab43f16d9ae6ae51c02fab4f1004228804afa5 add ' to escape strings for html (#1974)
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