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July Public Preview 0.31.4

July Public Preview 0.31.4

The July release will focus on the initial release of the SQL Server Agent configuration scenarios, SQL Server Profiler session and view template enhancements, and continued bug fixes for customer reported GitHub issues.

  • SQL Server Agent for SQL Operations Studio extension improvements
    • Added view of Alerts, Operators, and Proxies and icons on left pane
    • Added dialogs for New Job, New Job Step, New Alert, and New Operator
    • Added Delete Job, Delete Alert, and Delete Operator (right-click)
    • Added Previous Runs visualization
    • Added Filters for each column name
  • SQL Server Profiler for SQL Operations Studio extension improvements
    • Added Hotkeys to quickly launch and start/stop Profiler
    • Added 5 Default Templates to view Extended Events
    • Added Server/Database connection name
    • Added support for Azure SQL Database instances
    • Added suggestion to exit Profiler when tab is closed when Profiler is still running
  • Release of Combine Scripts Extension
  • Wizard and Dialog Extensibility
  • Fix GitHub Issues
    • #728 No response to Add Connection on macOS
    • #1718 Unable to connect to any datasource
    • #1713 Number of rows affected
    • #1843 Better Table organisation
    • #1847 MFA Login to Azure SQL Databases
    • #1845 Bug Scroll change tab query
    • #1612 Results grid text display is messed up by international characters
    • #1749 BUG: HTML data in a column gets interpreted
    • #1830 Setting iconPath in ButtonComponent after component() is called does not change icon
    • #1789 Extensibility: if you add a connection provider uninstall will never remove it from the list
    • #1799 Top 10 DB Size chart does not work on case sensitive instances
    • #1724 Extension dialogs have stopped working
    • #1719 TypeError when Connecting to Server
    • #1693 Backup dialog: File browser UI is broken
    • #1817 Error de Ortografia
    • #1791 Sqlops Extensions: queryeditor.connect() connects to the target database, but UI does not show the editor is connected
    • #1814 sqlops.d.ts typo causing implicit 'any' type definition

SQL Server Agent for SQL Operations Studio improvements

The SQL Server Agent for SQL Operations Studio extension has the following improvements available in this build.

  • Operators, Alerts and Proxies dashboard panel views
  • "Test build" dialogs for some SQL Agent objects. These dialogs will be improved in subsequent July insiders builds.



SQL Server Profiler for SQL Operations Studio improvements

Template support for Profiler has been added.


Combine Scripts Extension

Community extension to execute several scripts spread over several folders. Special thanks to Cobus Kruger.



-- Changes for 0.31.4
e026ab85a72c190cc4ccc834503aa9fe36dd6407 Escape the aria string for Edit Data grid (#1958)
e53c903205e221756941c39f785ea0d0f7060f6f Update tools service to 1.5.0-alpha.12
03dbe8565fd29b58e6cf1256435d914ea70e7bc4 Set element text instead of HTML where possible (#1956)
43ae4fb0aad309921d23c49632edc94e8c195d95 Fixed 2 bugs in Agent Steps page. (#1953)
6b1d552277a830a47cc6e9a561a154e9d4be6ecb Agent/step finishes (#1948)
f24f576b72dbb6ea9d9fe419fc8a159825e47f2c Profiler display fixes (#1949)
c23328564fdefae379384fe7580c71fd4e4743ab Hide correct element when hiding buttons (#1945)
4081e15bef43917260a0d002097969ea20048023 misc fixes in dialogs (#1942)
b05e3813d118e7b579a574ec7c392c1dde738a55 Bump product version to 0.31.4 from July Public Preview (#1944)
3048311f4076853fc7a761ed984c865c4ac898b0 Bump agent extension version to 0.31.4 (#1943)
1045392d91dda6d501344632a8659af930818367 Escaping profiler text (#1940)
7b23ca8ee702f6a9c93ab32a9492a8ed00760d7f Improving profiler controls and toolbar (#1931)
-- Changes for 0.31.3
4d67eca8bb40d840fff464e399640998a8ecd400 Dashboard agent tab style updates (#1934)
74c4b7311ea5b613c7067107c1d78b9db6aed203 Agent/proxy ui (#1880)
713c74adfd813ee7aec053d8a4314ab0d290e8a6 Update version to 0.31.3
408a8a6f19b9fd12a51c6288fd0718695aee38a8 Edit Agent Job dialog updates (#1925)
e1485e49d37838961bf4fb24bd1ac14699d26bde Pick up 1.5.0-alpha.9
30b66934cd3a198bc055317f05616ce96f294938 Enable custom delimiters when saving as CSV (#1928)
fd49c081c27538adc9b01c889e112c24015fc6ff Fix uses of innerHtml when we could just set element text (#1919)
13271200244973ff1356133f3c5918a059fc43bc Profiler view templates (#1915)
d2b5043972533fe621ac4866ef531781d0fed0b3 Render column titles as text not html in query results (#1923)
1f32de29c11f398d5b1dc68213c780d94a40df42 Style SQL input box correctly when enabled/disabled (#1920)
12be06d6829e9c7d2ceee2babc95755fc37d5454 Agent: dialog finishes (#1913)
27ca9b13f873b10cfe45de7bcbfeb6189012cbdb Fix  #1916 Object explorer context object doesn't include database name (#1917)
be45905830020161f7ca58152c5a6e3df5465633 Add wizard sidebar navigation (#1911)
05d0a896556a157b201964095bdac6a77b2c9c8c Fix Job History scroll and resize issues (#1912)
3ba575dcd04bf8e4f60d9cb624d804091043fbbe Agent - dialog finishes (#1910)
3e200b7f0fddf50b96ace84dd7ae0cc3490a62e1 Handle resize message in Agent dashboard tab (#1908)
cbce1f70082d62e559ab3c25a149ccee3bad7103 added parse syntax params to sqlops (#1906)
e99101447ee99886dcc5ccb9621e52a120df6820 Fixes #1856 Object Explorer needs Icons field for nodes separate from<E2><80><A6> (#1901)
460446a15c623cae57e0292da3891cde59acf43b updated the icon for form container help (#1892)
4eea24997f318704bfd955139d6e7ae96cd72aa1 Agent: Updated Alerts dialog UI (#1874)
0b1e9c7c663220b07f8b8ca35ad56ab7179c68d5 Update form layout defaults to match design (#1878)
d51a7a9eb76d3af35cb0bfc91c80ff3e98c0256f Extensibility: Context menu support in Object Explorer  (#1883)
b2ceb09e4dec09da5175bc6618c3fe6cb361dd2f fixed some issues in table component  and added tests (#1873)
53953f5cdab2b4f981ad7a927de0d58a5e7e6115 bump slickgrid to fix focus issue (#1875)
fbd5e819a267f8c5000fb97c767a6edce0512625 Edit Agent Alert updates (#1872)
bdc391d37625e848a19b3e130bb4abef3d076015 Fix enter button behavior for wizards and dialogs (#1868)
6b618fb121c550c8a66d7039c92eb591d5ba5522 Updating keybindings (#1839)
1f3e59c9f9dc2e04a024d7b4d1d951a46aef3577 added default config for timeSeries since it is not the same (#1852)
-- Changes for 0.31.2
11230f59fcadaa1f480d8628ecd3f5a656d4838d vbump sqlops version (#1862)
21bad7a01f12e52bdba41ef65225055ffbd2b2a4 Refresh agent dashboard panel after create\update\delete operations (#1861)
6f9a27ecc731c471abfaf1cd203f2df2c9aae682 Agent - UI changes (#1859)
c504113d13da78b5102c16acbec7538ba2ed7505 Update card layout to give more icon space (#1858)
c92ff6059246cd26d070580b2fe6984dbbf945d0 Update Agent extension package-lock.json (#1857)
e9013d1a2a1f066d97eb6ec1bec93e1af58186eb Bump SQL Tools Service to 1.5.0-alpha.3
9c4580fe40350dc386369140a21d2c47eb860e6d Add grouping feature for model view forms (#1853)
cb060cb5db464399fc2c1fe2b2e751f48d6dedea add row status on status bar for queries (#1841)
6c3d85cc45788f49f50ba010112ea76465cb8f62 New Operator, Alert and Proxy request handlers (#1846)
14ae89e87cc11a51fe3775270eac5f9e2943a170 added common action bar with context based actions for all pages (#1842)
24c48f025d34c8595ad8fe14019f58abe37bfaf9 Add Delete Alert action implementation (#1840)
f0a556f004b0f32181f7d3cd2c9b9ea4fff9eca0 add quote to string escape (#1838)
fd4d6abb4d6ef44eca1c220ac77c46fd6d561234 Update
41cc8393808ae0b43deb514c29cf6bb0d3255177 add themeing to profiler (#1826)
c2a4380b962fd93fcd4ac23b4de9f4e9bf516892 Rename Agent dialog classes to remove "Create" (#1837)
6f402ac79f87d4ebe7c1edba7b2867821a162e47 Agent : New Step dialog  (#1834)
bf7c1306b1035062a75e211926f0278208e61f3e Agent Tab panel visibility check base class (#1829)
c1509cf09d5d5f18a8f653b7c66be54c11b8c0d0 Update button icon when icon path changes (#1833)
014bca031c5b70a29fd59865c26f3374ee64be81 add logic to clean up providers when appropriate (#1824)
4f864fd5bd6ca80312f66404de28d4714cb1877f add escape formatting (#1825)
2da67567e43e0e6575c068b85bcdb9bf21279986 Update mssql.JSON (#1803)
5b19d2b1fc5264d17f7fd13f2196bb3aeaeb34e1 Fill out controls for Alert, Operator and Proxy dialogs (#1827)
a6837dcd4019431e29eb80c752b3220143354af4 Remove "client" folder in Agent extension (#1820)
af80751a1f58760e7dc966e07c083c98f7ed7398 Fix linked account error message typo (#1823)
dd02597c3bf4992610aec55085207a61bde55e6c Fix display problems with model view icon components (#1822)
2926a3cbd8619d1b681066e87bad9cfdae46131e Update query editor connection display when connecting via API (#1819)
b02bb3bfd4e58bc267af3c37638fbb8dda0e010a Fixes implicit any type - issue #1814 (#1815)
67a4683bb144c92596862de037e844203411e6aa Bump Agent and Profiler extension versions (#1812)
-- Changes for 0.31.1
9baee1c22c25ed91fc0b4ed5a11d0feea2816ce1 Changed the stored procedure call  to work on case sensitive instances (#1809)
8cb67b4f9d938a49f8261f1a726857f90bd35714 Add Alert, Operator and Proxy panel tabs (#1811)
0cd47bc32880034f4c177cf67507ab19a80cc17a Fix webview editor height issue (#1808)
07fb58d5e15dbcf6d54254c35ee235cc5efe1a72 Fixes #1804 Dashboard Home tab should be overrideable for other connection providers (#1805)
2d80d5e6114cd19f5d231e6ae26498241e036b79 Add connection info to title (#1645)
4bd63b615b2966fc61668905d5031f3c9aa8afba fix table highlighting issues (#1802)
335f667507fa9b1a6c5d7917f76927633a790de2 Fix null ref error when no database or server node are in object tree (#1790)
1819036d7d50c754d447b638baa966c715f65efc Profiler Keybindings (#1801)
4f76f116ac5bd5abaac8cba0dfbe29d06bd29b5d Ensure dashboard tabs only show for supported providers (#1798)
1eba7c7d2a389fd8311528b3c76f374616dc25de Fix model view input box bugs (#1797)
83234dd52c9d6bede091d25ffc61e50e2ddff31b Update SQL Tools Service to 1.5.0-alpha.1
bae23b7fce44121b1b8713c3b15f510c46bf5583 Agent: UI/UX finishes and clean up (#1768)
3db61eaa82c09b19e8452cd568376b1d8136dbe8 Add sqlservices wizard sample (#1769)
5cf85a0361f3e93c93ab2bb31e93f39cff8a886e Display page number, title, and description in wizard page headers (#1766)
ffe27f5bdec6fc0befc5a475cf6b4dae64fa1594 Tab outline in dashboard (#1742)
78bcd9d54ce42cc0724f5fc747e53cd943ba1bc4 bump slickgrid (#1758)
1a9797f0ff919582cfa11220f8268254e6bd2cc9 Change default settings to remove error (#1741)
0de94ff8a48447c2388d91bee77c203363db7f4c Add "Schedule Picker" dialog (#1759)
472233d9a7374914a436785b8d35e063b3d3aa08 Providers without metadata service or serverInfo shouldn't break dashboard (#1761)
f69e31b0d5759a35b7657a36c56f28a8b65f03d1 Jobs/new step (#1734)
60b696cc314b92a9a1efb56008a2b960af60ce31 Fix casing for resourceprovider module require (#1731)
549037f744eb60ab57804f908dbd53a311b4b54c fixing model view issues (#1737)
ca5e1e613359435838c3b58ac360f9a68ad76fad Fix a couple references to VS Code in UI (#1730)
3e3ff163db65584b8338f4be492febc443277623 Jobs - New step (WIP) (#1711)
ca755365ce1b641805f90b2667fd409679e7a625 Fix dialog/wizard undefined connectionInfo bug (#1725)
ea979de19f3a07eace9b5d54a7359f1a3f9b1fb3 Disable wizard/dialog next/done buttons when page not valid (#1708)
473ddfcdf1f83958e737e6b683a17ff9cb63d764 (feature/agentDialogs) Modifying angular bootstrap to add injection at the module level  (#1691)
a627285a4c258132829fb713e46930113b12f5d9 Feature/selectable card component (#1703)
322847469d1487c59f28eee556747167844204a3 fix dropdown component issue (#1709)
6c5fac997f369397cc6264a01601096a97b8027a Add dialog close validation (#1704)
1871fd383e560acbbb24db5b41eddaa876bbd678 Feature/form improvements (#1707)
f5b147ca4b55002afeec988b90e473f64e3050db Add info/warning/error messages for wizards and dialogs (#1696)
9d2b206156e89d2b62aa8fede162b3cd7d587dd3 Accessibility enhancements (#1678)
a372c76e0719546abc2b53dc74278fde5a4fd028 Update SQL Ops to 0.31.1 for July iteration
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